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Qazi Nisar and Agha Rahat meet to discuss peace, agree to hold more dialogues in the future

The two influential clerics embracing each other during the meeting

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Gilgit: Sectarianism and militancy are destabilizing the society. The acts of terrorism are condemnable. Unity is need of the hour to ensure progress and prosperity of the region. Murders in the name of sect and religion are opposed to the principle and teachings of Islam and Shariah.

These views were expressed by Agha Rahat Hussain Al – Hussaini and Qazi Nisar, two important leaders of the Shia and Sunni Muslims in Gilgit – #Baltistan, today during a peace talk held under the auspices of GB Legislative Assembly and the Masajid Board.

Both leaders said that maintenance of peace is the duty of the government. They also blamed the violence on weak judicial system of Gilgit – Baltsitan, under which a retired judge is made the Chief Justice of Supreme Appellate Court, on ad-hoc basis.

The meeting was held in a congenial manner save for a brief hard talk between the two leaders.

CM sits flanked by the two leaders

Speaking at the occasion, Qazi Nisar praised Bhutto for the Khatam-e-Nabuwat legislation. He demanded of the GB Chief Minister to declare Friday as a holiday in GB. He termed the meeting to be a welcome step forward.

Agha Rahat said that inciting others to violence or give Fatwas for murder is equal to being party to the murders. He said that duplicity of characters is leading to unrest in the region. He said that there is a contradiction between what is said and what is being done.

Both leaders embraced each other, symbolically, and vowed to cooperate for peace and prosperity of the region.

Joint declaration (click to enlarge)

A joint declaration was read at the end of the meeting, in which both leaders urged the government to bring a code of conduct agreed earlier this year into action. They also condemned all acts of violence that took place in Gilgit-Baltistan during the past few weeks.

The meeting has, generally, been received with hope and appreciation. However, critics are blaming the GB government of giving undue importance to sectarian chiefs, instead of establishing rule of law, by arresting terrorists and punishing them for crimes against humanity. The critics are also of the opinion that this meeting has some symbolic meaning but it has no significance for long term peace in the region.

One commentator on Pamir Times’ Facebook page said that the importance being given to the clergy is likely to make them more stronger. A number of commentators said that giving too much importance to the clergy results in deepening of the sectarian schism.

The peace talk was attended by GB Chief Minister, members of the GBLA, members of the Masajid boards bureaucrats and other notables of the city.

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  1. It is a good sign towards creating harmony and integration in the region. No outsider never think for our betterment and reform untill and unless we did not take step. We applaud both our key religious leaders for their good initiations and vision.At the same time we appreciate the efforts of our GB assembly and expect them to reduce and eleminate the frustration of GB people through following merits in appointments, step forward towards good governance, Discourage the officials violating basic human rights, develop a code of conduct for all stake holders(especially Govt. officials) ensuring assuming their duties effectively and efficiently for the formation of a sustain civilized society and welfare state.

  2. The meeting is a positive step though it must lead to a pragmatic implementation at the workers’ and public level. As a plural society there will always be differences of opinions but we as a nation need to live together with peace. The world is planning to step on Mars in the next few years which is a point to ponder for us as a nation. We need to compare our educational, scientific & technological development with other nations and set our priorities instead of killing each other in name of religion for our vested interests. Allah will never be happy with our higher graph of killing innocent people on sectarian grounds but HE will be happier with our compassionate role for others. I have more to share but to be silent is the only way in our country.

  3. “Its never too late”. Very Good News, indeed.
    The two factions should also invite remaining ones living in the region too, into their circle for the joint declaration, in black n white, identical to the two leaders’ atire.
    As the extremism in all its menifestations is affecting every single inhabitant of the region, it is duty of everybody that he/she should come forward and cooperate with each other and the state for ensuring a peaceful and forward-looking life.

  4. I found nothing positive in this meeting except that our state and government is working under these mullahs. they should haave been behind the bars rather then sitting with CM GIlgit Baltistan. the government of GB is totally under influence of these mullahs, many people who have lost their beloved during this holy war pointed fingers to both mullahs. so need to bring justice in society and arrest whoever is killer.

  5. It is defiantly a good a good gesture; the meeting photograph of both the clergy heads, be published in local newspapers, It will have a positive effect on the public. What is more important is the sincerity of the purpose. People of GB need to realize that the diversity is a reality of today’s world. No sect in GB can wipe out other faith through the instrument of violence. Hence, accommodation and mutual co- existence is the only way out for the progress and prosperity of the people of this area. I don’t know when this realization will come in our people; the sooner it comes the better it is.

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