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Kashmiri leaders and transporters oppose NATCO service, threaten to torch buses

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Islamabad, October 2: The decision of NATCO Gilgit-Baltistan to start bus service in Azad Kashmir has been vehemently opposed by transporters and leaders across the region. Some leaders and transporters have threatened to torch the buses of NATCO if the service is not stopped.

Responding to the threats, NATCO has halted the newly started bus service and demanded protection for the passengers and busses.

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  1. Dear Noor, thanks for your concerns about the depleting heritage of GB. Unfortunately, generation to generation we are learning about the cultures & natural & historical heritage of rest of Pakistan & rest of the world but we are ignorant about the heritage of GB. As a result our culture & heritage is depleting so fastly or contaminating over the period of time due to cultural invasions. The educational settings of GB, the civil society and the local NGOs need to do some efforts introducing the educational initiatives about the rich and diverse heritage of GB.

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