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GECA elects new cabinet

by Gohar Abbas

Islamabad, May 18: Annual General Body meeting and oath-taking ceremony of the first elected office-bearers of Gojal Educational and Cultural Association (GECA) was held at the Open Air Theatre in Lok Virsa on May 17.

The outgoing chairman of the Association administered oath of office to the office-bearers. Karim Khan, veteran politician and social figure of Gojal valley, was chief guest of the ceremony that was attended by a large number of community members, notables, women and children besides students and youth of Gojal living in the twin cities of Islamabad-Rawalpindi, Azad Kashmir and other surrounding districts.

According to the Election Committee seasoned journlist and social activist Farman Ali was elected, unopposed, Chairman of the association. Also elected unopposed were Tayib Jan, vice-chairman – Education, Waheed Murad, vice chairman – Culture, Safdar Ali general secretary and Sher Karim, finance secretary.

Rest of the cabinet members include Abdus Samad, Senior Joint Secretary, Bakhtullah, Joint Secretar, Neelum Nigar,  Secretarygeca-logo (Education), Aslam Pervez, Secretary (Culture), Aslam Khan Ghalib Secretary (Media &Information), Sher Khan, Incharge Office Record and Database, Hidayat Shah, Incharge IT and Website, Nawab Ali Khan, Incharge AJK Unit, Manzoor Karim, Incharge Abbottabad/Mansehra Unit, Nisar Ahmed, Incharge Lahore Unit and, finally, Zulfiqar Ahmed, Incharge Peshawar unit.

Four committees, namely Culture, Sports, Finance and Advisory, were also constituted.

Speaking on the occasion the outgoing chairman, Major (retd) Ijaz Ahmed said that he had strong faith in the new cabinet and hoped that they would put in every effort for preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage and social values of Gojal valley.

Other speakers said that the association was aimed at serving the community members, especially the students and youth streaming down to the urban centres of the country from Gojal by providing them guidance and assistance in educational and career pursuits.

The GECA will primarily work for the preservation and promotion of the rich and unique cultural heritage, language, folklore, art and craft of the people living in Gojal, Ishkoman, Broghil and other areas having larger concentration of Wakhi speaking people. The speakers expressed concern at alienation of the young generation from their cultural roots and values.

The increasing commercialization, media onslaught has endangered this prestine culture. Wakhi has been listed, in the red book of UNESCO as one of the endangered languages.

The speakers also pledged to work for creating harmony among various communities living in the region.

The speakers urged the newly appointed cabinet to take extra ordinary efforts to preserve the unique culture of the region and play its role in saving the tourism industry of the region, which has been hit hard by the ongoing political turmoil, terrorism and growing militancy in the country.

The speakers vowed to support the newly elected cabinet and urged them to fulfil the hopes that the region has pinned on them. The speakers also called for gender balance, promotion of liberal values and creating a conducive environment for women to take part in developmental and intellectual activities. They said despite achieving high literacy rate the male chauvinism and gender bias still exist in our society that needs to be eliminated.

Farman Ali, the newly elected chairman, thanked the members for posing confidence in the new cabinet and pledged to work for betterment of the community members by delievering according to their expectations.

He announced to make efforts for getting a plot in the Education City, located at H-17 Sector, for establishing a building complex comprising office of the association, a hostel and other facilities under one roof besides establishing a girl’s hostel in Rawalpindi to provide accommodation facility to the girl students of the region.

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  1. My heartiest congratulations to the new cabinet of GECA, best wishes and prayers for your success. Cheers


  2. Dear All
    The drama of GECA has great influenced on the youth of gojal and a new concept has been emerged with the true believer of democracy.Selection committee apointed themseleves as the chairman and other adjusted themseleves in various positions.
    I hope that allof you will get fame and the rest of the Gojals will celebrate your game.

  3. Congrats but i dont agree………
    u know better why i disagree.
    election or selection?
    whr was youth?

  4. My warmest congratulation to the new democratically elected cabinet of GECA. As each and every member are of utmost professional in their relevant field so I m sure we Goajli’s will again bring a foot step to others as we (Gojali’s) did in mid 60’s.

    Special thanks to Farman Ali , Tayib Jan and Sher Karim for sharing and devoting their precious experience and time for us.

  5. congratulations to the newly appointed caninet members and wish them all the best for theirresponsibilities..

  6. I owe to congratulate the newly elected / selected cabinet of GECA, I am very much pleased by their commitments and future plans of purchasing a plot to built a complex for GECA, all is possible once a transparent financial systems is in place for the purpose to achieve the goal of the organization.
    I have no doubt that it is impossible, I am sure under the dynamic leader ship of Farman it is possible, he has a good social network in Islamabad, the organization can be benefited of this network to achieve the set goal, but I am witness of such organization, who the loss their existence from the surface due to lack of financial transparency, we the people of Gojal are very good for making organizations, but somehow it is a fact we are not good in keep the financial record in place, in result many organization lost the existence, so if we want to achieve what have been mentioned in the charter of GCGA it is very important to keep a proper audit record of the organization.
    Second thing which we all should understand that the problems of Gojal is not different from other parts of Northern Areas, we all have the same problems issues, regarding education, culture or other civic issues, so it would be a good sign if this organization can be covered other parts of NA or even whole hunza, any way I appreciate Capt. Ejazd Ahmad and others for patronizing this organization, but the cabinet list is unable to show the participation of burshahki and domki language speaking persons, as they are also part of Gojal land, they should be accommodated accordingly in the cabinet.
    Thirdly I must say the organization should not limit its self only with social activities around Gojal, it is a good plat form to organize political dialogues / seminar on the constitutional issue of Northern Areas.

    Good luck for Farman and Praty.

  7. congrates good initiative indeed i hope the newly elected body of GECA will make difference in the leadership of Mr Farman Ali to work for the student welfear and guide them in thier cariers and people of gojal will benefit from orgnization…….

    Didar Karim Bari
    Rupani Foundation

  8. Many Congratulations to all ….. I have a strong belief that under the Leadership of Farman Bhai the organization will adress the issues, challenges and needs of the people of Gojal and Hunza at large. This include a wholistic approach for development including the political sensitization most neglected up-till now…

  9. Would like to say thanks to Major (r) Ijaz Ahmed and each one of his colleagues in the convening committee for their leadership roles and excellent voluntary work that led to elections of the new GECA cabinet. Farman Ali and all of his colleagues in the new cabinet are congratulated on their elections and getting confidence of the GECA members.

    It is hoped that the new GECA office bearers and various committee members will strive hard to achieve the objectives of the institution for which it has come into being. I believe that working for community -based institutions is not an easy job or a free ride to fame; it rather demands a lot of one’s precious time, resources, hard work, patience and mental maturity to strike a fine balance between ‘praises and criticisms – both go hand in hand in social work.

    Was delighted to note some of the plans that Farman Ali has highlighted in his inaugural speech, as reported above. One would hope that GECA comes to the expectation of its members; pessimistic views and voices should not discourage the team; need to to take them as wake up calls.

    Did not participate in the annual meeting, sorry for that, but will always keep watching the GECA affairs from the sidelines, as an ordinary member.

    Gohar Abbas’ reporting is excellent, liked it much; good work, keep it up Abbas!

    Mutabiat, Islamabad

  10. Congratulations to the new elected members of GECA,

    But I may say a gender Imbalance Association, representing only the males, is this Association established for males????????

    Sadia Aziz

  11. Congratulations to Farman Bhai and the newly elected team. This is the end of a beginning and not an end.

    As suggested by Hube Ali, this body can expand its activities to people of other areas and I think that will happen with a gradual approach.

    Keep the good work GECA and help those who are in real need.
    Sultan Ahmed

  12. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Whr was the youth of gojal???????????

  13. HELLOW
    our proffissionals the inshative of geca was a step of the youth of gojal but there is no any youth in ur cabnet.ur trying to use geac to entertaniment ur family,,,,
    GSF zindabad

  14. Salam all PT readers,

    First of all I offer my heartiest congratulation to Farman Ali, Tayib Jan, Waheed Murad and all newly elected cabinet of GECA.

    It really make us pleasure that most senior and honorable leaders of Gojal are involved in establishing GECA.

    I am agree with Firdous that it is drama. every thing happning is drama ,but we should not take every drama negative. our senior have took tremendous initiative. its very tough job to serve in this sort of institutions . we should appreciate them, not to criticize them .

    hope the best from newly elected team, and my best wishes are always with GECA.

    Nadeem Aman Rumi

  15. Congratulation to all newly elected and selected members,

    criticism is the most easily task to perfom, But if someone is secrificing his precious time for such a noble cause without any reward, this is most difficult thing to do, so I am well ware of all such things but just want to share here some points which a credible institution must possess for their perpetual existence.
    Transparency in any stage must not be compromise, the objective and goal of the organization is well defined so what are the strategies to achieve the objectives should be known to each and every stake holders and at the end of each cabinet tenure an evolution should be conducted to find out what are the organization’s acheivements and drawbacks.

    Most of the critics have pointed out the inclusion of youths in the cabinet, They are right because in long term the youths will represent and lead us, if given a chance in grass root level they would be able to lead us efficiently and effectively in more intricated future tasks.

    Female’s should be encourage, and should be given chance in leader ship level with gender discrimination a society may not progress and prosper.

    Warmth Regards,

    Shahid Ali

  16. Thankx to the Commander Mr. Ejaz and his team for their time and resources- that paved an irremitable sign for the comming youth and leadership of GECA.
    Very good saying- this the end but beginning.
    It is hoped that the new GECA office bearers and various committee members will strive hard to achieve the objectives of the institution for which it has come into being. I believe that working for community -based institutions is not an easy job or a free ride to fame; it rather demands a lot of one’s precious time, resources, hard work, patience and mental maturity to strike a fine balance between ‘praises and criticisms – both go hand in hand in social work. (from Mr. Mutabiyat Shah)
    Transparency in any stage must not be compromise, the objective and goal of the organization is well defined so what are the strategies to achieve the objectives should be known to each and every stake holders and at the end of each cabinet tenure an evolution should be conducted to find out what are the organization’s acheivements and drawbacks.(From Shahid Ali Sakhi)
    Second thing which we all should understand that the problems of Gojal is not different from other parts of Northern Areas, we all have the same problems issues, regarding education, culture or other civic issues, so it would be a good sign if this organization can be covered other parts of NA or even whole Hunza.(From Hub Ali)

    My special thanks to Uncle MUTABIYAT SHAH for his advices and suggestions.

  17. Dear All,

    Some of u has asked that where the youth was? The answer is very simple, our younger youths on the same day and time summoned their own meeting using the platform of GSF, so they were busy in their own meeting, further all the members of GSF has already rejected and decided to keep themselves away from the election process of GECA except Mr. Firdous and Kiramat, later on they also changed their stance and started doing politics as they used to do in the past. One must understand that every youth was invited to attend that ceremony, further it was also announced in PT that the election will be held on May 17, 2009.

    We must also understand that the total size of the cabinet is 14 as given in the PT news update, out of 14 members 09 are youth, their ages are b/w 20-30, so youth has received enough participatory ratio, if some think that our youth below 20 should be give the opportunity to lead GECA is not possible, there are number of reasons like education constraints, maturity, resources, time availability etc.

    Our culture does not allow us to deviate from the guidelines and instructions of the seniors, it expects us to follow the footstep of our seniors and obey their valuable ideas and experiences, there is no such practice in our society where youth gather and start challenging the qualification, reputation and experience of our seniors.

    I am not formally a part of GECA but closely watch its activities and performance, so far I have noticed that they are working really hard, they posses’ good intentions for all the youth, their doors are always open for all, all the members in GECA are very flexible and professional, all of them believe on extensive debate and arguments.

    Further I would suggest GECA to focus on small projects and assignment rather to jump on long term plans and projects; this will help GECA in getting confidence and increase their membership volume.

    At the end I would suggest all the youth to keep your full concentration on your studies, internships and trainings etc. when ever all of you get some time, spare it with positive assignments and activities, as per my understanding and information GECA will always support and facilitate you.


    Ameer Ali Khan

  18. Regardless of the diffrences regarding thier emotions & motivations, thier is considerable unity now. I could find the social or welfare work a hard jobe for everybody because time & energy is the input which it needs. Thanks for the out-goining cabinet & welcome to the newly slected cabinet. Objectives commited by the new cabinet is quite hard and we can hope for better fall out. Some commentators triggerd to for election an aggressive style of forming committee. I sujjest them to wait for thier turn & put thier energy valuteerly with this cabinet..that is your sucess.

  19. Dear GECA stakeholders

    Being witness to fomration of institutions throughout Hunza valley is an exciting experience, because it reflects on the community’s increasing ability to organize itself on scientific basis, without much support from the authorities that be. We are indeed a very vibrant and integrated community, by and large.

    GECA seems to be a promising step in the right direction. Heartiest congratulations to the ones who were elected, the voters and members of the election committee for exercising democracy at this scale. The opposition coming from certain quarters of the youth, indeed, is part and parcel of democratic processes. They have the right to express their displeasure, if they feel marginalized.

    It would have been great if the youth leaders had chosen to actively exercise their power to mobilize their supporters’ votes, by contesting the elections. At least the new cabinet will not have been elected unopposed!!

    Sections of the opposing youth can be engaged through activities that they have the capability to manage. The seniors, of course, can play a supervisory role. I would suggest a series of twice-a-month events related to personal grooming, citizenship, democracy, leadership, creativity and current affairs for the youth. It would be great if specific, customized, program modules can be developed for the youth of RIPMA and shared with the rest of us through GECA’s website (which I think shall be built ASAP)!!


  20. Many Congratulations to all new democratically elected cabinet of GECA….best wishes and prayers for your success.
    .Welldone gojalies

  21. waw
    so nice to see it that most of the seniors are taking part in GESA,i would say that the members of GECA are very lucky to work under the leadership of such inteligent and respected seniors , i wish if i was there i would have been the active member of GECA we at gilgit are lacking such leaders i will be in GECA IN FUTURE IF I GOT CHANCE GREAT

  22. All my love, with all my heart to the work and objectives of GECA. I understand the need of GECA very well because I badly needed advices regarding my career and university informations when I was applying for admissions. Thanks to the love and support of my family I didnt feel any difficulties but still I needed advices from professionals. I didnt get proper advices but anyhow I managed. GECA will indeed help students in their education and other areas. The objectives are praiseworthy, indeed.

    Anyhow, I have some questions to follow. Please dont consider them stingy and dont get yourself stung. You should better take a precaution. Take my love with my stingy comments, it will cure if you got hurt. LOVE

    These are some questions that need answers;
    Is GECA only for Islamabad and its adjacent regions? Can it create a unit for Karachiates? Why was GSF created, if GECA has to cover a large scope of areas? Do you think GSF lacks the power to handle the issues that can be handled by GECA? If yes, why? Why is there the gender gap? Why cant GECA create an educational committee if it creates the other four? If GECA claims to be have a cabinet of young guns then why are the potential girls of Gojal missing in GECA? Why isnt a single member of GSF included in GECA if both have to serve for the betterment of Gojal students residing in the same region? Or is it a sub-part?



  23. heartiest Congratulation to uncle Farman and his team, best wishes.

    Javed Ali


  24. dear all

    Thanks for your precious comments on the new GECA cabinet.Being part of the cabinet i feel that we have huge responsibilites on our shoulders and i hope all the big minds are there and we have full support of our elders .Criticism is a part and parcel of every action and work and i think we should keep their point as well in minds to achieve our goals.conflict free society is a dream and it cannot exist so it is not a big problem.those who had time in the past contributed their efforts and knowledge those who are present are giving their services and other will have time in the future to do it so it is just a matter of oportunity but one shoud always be positive and forwardlooking .

    sher khan Rawalpindi

  25. dear all
    first of all congratulation to all new cabinet of GECA, i am very thankful to our members of GECA and all the spoter of GECA.we all know that this is a good step of our elders that the are working for us.specially very thankful on the behalf of all chipurson youth to M.ejaz,farman Ali,sultan Ahmad,jabar,zaffar,Gulbaig,Baig Ali,Ghulam Shah Darjat,and all the members who are working in this organization our pray are always with you all and when over you need our help we are ready. thanks

  26. My heartiest Congratulations to the new cabinet of GECA…wish U all the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!



  27. Wakhi
    Im form Gojal, and have been part of every event, organization do know every religious, broadminded, intellectual, scholar head, from all of Hunza.
    Like many I was also present at the last meeting organized by the GECA, people regarding Oath taking ceremony. Well like all the time the session had few entreating items and few speech.
    But most of all, and also by few comments, asking about where are the presences of Brushiskis, first of all there are people form Misghar, Shisket, and Khudaabad. Next dear all who ever is asking, Can you tell me that how many of the people form Khudaabad, Nazimabad, Sosth, Khyber,Shisket call tehm self Gojalies, in how many occasion they have mixed with rest of the communities or the Wakhis.
    Straight to the point dear they feel uncomfortable with word Gojal, which is our Identity, then whey should we be giving them the chance to represent Gojal, which is a word of shame to them. In my history of more then 30 years I never come across any Brushu form Gojal who felt confident and proud Gojali.
    Next an issue was raised during the session about language, used by the comparer, that he should use Urdu because in total 4 Brushu were present, who by God knew and were able to understand Wakhi very well. But they very confidently apposed the use of Wakhi and were to change it to Urdu.
    Ok very Good, this is negative form the Wakhis that they did not considered the presence of 4 out of 200 Wakhis . but they did changed it to Urdu, this is Gojal.
    Like all as we are called Hunzu people very nice, has any Wakhi, ever comment on the programs of Hunza, as we are always positive to all time failer programs of Hunza. Wakhis never have opposed any Brushu program or session, but aren’t we part of the Hunza if we are the why all the Hunza organized programs are presented in Brushuiski. Ok it the language of Hunza, its Ok
    Then It should be made clear to all that Wakhi is the stander language of Gojal and if people speak other language they should also respect Wakhi as we do when we attend any meeting at any forum.
    As for GECA, it’s recorded in the cores of its bylaws that it will work for the protection, improvement and betterment of Wakhi Language, as it is an International language. It has to focus beyond the border to work on the subject.
    Languages represent many aspect of our culture, and so should be preserved. Many people in collaboration with many organisation are working for the betterment of Brushaiski , so it should be because it a unique language.
    In the same manner Wakhi is also a language and it need to be identify and present, so should be respected, give and take respect .
    To all Wakhis be proud, of you language if not don’t speak it.
    Thank and sorry if I have hurt any one which I never because I speak Wakhi.

  28. First of all i will conratulate the newly elected cabinet of GECA and my special Thanks to the Outgoing cabinate.specially Comm Ejaz.
    well there are intresting comments as expected. the common point which every one is making here is that there is no representation of young people in this Cabinate.
    well i want to ask these people with due respect that tell us what they mean by youth???
    if they are thinking that a person who is not more than 25 years old is youth than they should ponder over their thinkings.
    many people think that the gojal student federation GSF is representing our youth than they are probably misleading. GSF is mainly consists of Kids except for two or three guys.
    so they should (GSF) should clarify that wether they are representing the youth of gojal or Kids of gojal????

  29. A commercial add with loud is famous presently ever T.V channel is telecasting….may be you all know it.

    ” where is the pulp, where is the pulp, where is the pulp and slowly now say, where …is …the …..pulp? ”

    our youth slogan

    “where is the youth, where is the youth, where is the youth & now slowly say where….is the…youth” lolz just for laugh

  30. Dear Thurq Rusht,

    dost sham full wording for all gojali. hahahhahhahahaha i think you are very farasted guy! your mind is close like Rusht. we are learing from this side about globization and world cultures. i apprecaited the work done by PT sp. Nur and his team for there nice work with out any culture, race diffrence. plz not do like this. if some does not acecpts any identity why you are carrying. freedom, king of his life .every one…………..

  31. Dear GECA and PT readers,
    Congratulations for the new elected body of GECA and thanks a lot for the out going team.

    As, I gone through the comments posted on the above subject, I realized that there are few comments that shows misunderstanding among our youths. If, there is any confusion please resolve it through dialogue and mutual consensus.

    In democracy, difference of opinion is the strength, but, if, it could happen only because of egoism or personality clashes, then it could be treacherous and impediment in the mode of constructive development.

    My humble suggestions is for all of you to be patient, think critically, be tolerant and promote diversity and pluralism. Keep away from f regionalism, ethnicity and any other biasness (if some body think so, for me everybody seems neutral and natural) and try your best to promote harmony and peace, which is the fundamental unit for development and need of the time. As well said that, “actions speak louder than words”. So, please follow inclusive approach to deal with challenges ahead.
    I faith in that pessimistic approaches always create frustration and better to follow optimistic approach, which is only possible through positive thinking, reflective practice and self-analysis.

    Good wishes for fulfilling your future endeavor.

    Thanks and regards

    Sharif Khan

  32. Congratulations for the new elected GECA teams and thanks for the outgoing GECA teams

    We hop the new elected GECA team will work more dedicated then the outgoing GECA team on Gojal Social, Educational, Cultural, Political and Eco development too because you people are the leading group of Gojal.

    Secondly I would like request to the new GECA team to please work on this mane issues which is under it,
    My recent visit to Tajikistan and meet with the four Xikmurdum (China, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan) in that meeting they said it need in future we will under an umbrella of one Association (Xikmurdum Anjuman Bomme Donyo) and they also said that we need one Rasmulkhat for all Xikmurdum in the world which all countries Xikmurdum easily understand each others writing and reading and after that we use their on countries Rasmukhats, So for this mane issue the three countries Xikmurdum told me we need Pakistan Xikmurdum and Anjuman helps for together work on this mane issues.
    Dr Salamath Shah (linguist professor) Tajikistan University that he also said our area name is Wakhan, our Nation name is Xik and our language name is Xikwor so it is also need for debate and research by internet like (PT and Xikmurdum).
    So we hop the GECA will succeed in our him and keep it up you’re straggles for the Nation.

    Ali Aman

  33. Dear all,
    First of congratulation to the newly elected members of GECA and then my heartiest congratulation to the outgoing president and his cabinet for thier outstanding effort to make GECA a reality.
    Being a part of GECA has been a great experience for me as i have been working with them for a long time.working with professionals and youth from every parts of gojal has given me a great experience.
    The newly elected cabinet is combination of professional and energetic youth both genders are included in this team headed by Faman ali

    Regarding some comments made by the younger generation of my time i would say that they have yet to see the harsh realities of life.thier comment reflects and shows thier inexperience .
    It is thier right to speak and form oragnizations which would give them experience so that they can take up the leadership of of our coming generations but the way they have chosen is not for their betterment,for thier parents and above all for their area.
    i am deeply concerned about the youth of my time.i have been in rawalpindi/islamabad for the last 5 years and during this time i have seen my my younger youths specially between the age of 14 to 21indulging in so many activities which is not for thier benefit in any sense.
    GECA was established to encounter such situations and it has worked hard to cater the issues of our younger generation.

  34. Though we are not in the twin-cities, nor member of GECA, but given the interest by the youth in this topic, i decided to jump into this!

    On this topic, I totally agree with Sharif Khan.

    Congratulations to Farman and his team for agreeing to provide the leadership, and generously volunteering their time, knowledge, experience and financial resources to meet the objectives of GECA.

    The diversity of views and comments on this topic provides the breadth of responsibility and enormity of challenges that GECA is facing to serve its constituency, especially the youth, i would say the students’ community in the twin cities.

    My humble suggestion for Farman and GECA is to arrange a joint meeting of GECA and GSF and start a dialogue on how the two volunteer associations could best serve the youth and the students?

    There is NO harm in having thematic and actor-based interest groups or associations of civil society, so long as they are not competing for resourcs from the same source or duplicating efforts. A clear division of work is required to create greater synergies. One possibility is for GECA to act as an umbrella organizations and interest groups of artists, students, women, sportsmen etc., take institutional membership in GECA.

    No one institution should have any monoply on volunteerism, voice and representation. We should accept the pluralism, which means the youth have their own inspirations, children have theirs, the professionals and elder citizens have their own etc.

    Diversity of institutions is strength. diversity of views and voices contributes to a thinking society. Accepting each other and each others institutional space makes us’ think globally while we act locally.

    While outside GB and in the cities, our elders, youth and professionals should think in terms of interest groups like students, youth, children, artists, sportsmen, women, professionals, special persons, senior citizens etc., NOT in terms of gulmit, ghulkin, shishkat, khudaabad, misgar, shimshal, karimabad, Altit, Hindi etc

    Lets build on urban, cosmopolitian, humanistic values, and do NOT strengthen tribal, rural identities and mindsets.

    Farman is best place to do this. Lets strengthen his hands

    Amin Beg

  35. Congratulations to the new elected chairman and members of GECA,
    wish you all best of luck and hope to see developments in both sector of the GECA vision.

  36. For Amin Bag : Farman is one the most well served person of NA, he was always available for the services to the people of Northern Areas, Now a very nice surprise for me and I feel good to see him heading an organization of Gojal at twine city of Islamabd and Rawalpindi, where the young’s from Gojal needs his guidance.

  37. That Great go ahead and do something different and play their role in Development Communication.i am always with you.congratulation for your’s great effort.i pray for ur succes and i hope that no one can compete you at any stage.GECA is great.

    Samee Nabee

  38. to my surprise this election had no more then one contestant ,either the people have very much confidence or has no large the election committee was of members headed by a chairman,which was a very good political arrangement and style. agreed! the election had no poll on Pamirs times as it was taken as media partner.. so a little confused here..
    and one more thing, “A man should light up his own house before going to light up the Mosque”
    and what the youths say are right, and this election should be balanced,i feel a gender gape..this not democracy. more this plat form should be disseminated in other cities rather making it twin cities forum!
    and this GECA imperial shouldn’t be a political statement!as most of the time learn and heard. now hope is high. i wish for a good progress!
    best of luck Democracy

    Indeed like many..i would consider it a very handy platform for all..Such associations have been very needing and espacially for the youth of the north its means alot regarding guidence,learning and to contribute in deveolping a melieu of of luck

  40. Congratulation to the new leaders and members of the association and also to the quitting members who devoted their time and skills for stengthening the association.
    As wakhi is my meternal langue and Hunza is my birth place i thought to shere some of my ideas and observations with the readers and particulerly to the leaders and members of the association and i also want to cote the saying of our Imam While addressing in the presidency of Tanzania in19th august 2008 Imam said (we can do things together which could naver do seperately)
    1- Can Wakhi Thajik Cultral Association (WTCA) and
    Gojal Educational and Cultural Association (GECA) work together to find an international umbrella association.
    2-An association which provid representation of all wakhi speakers living in four bordering countries
    3-There are think tanks professionals and intelectuals in both the associatons they can shere their experiences and skills to give its people an effective international plateform.
    4-As wakhi speakers are living in four countries but still they didn,t yet made any consensus on wakhi elphabates. At least we should have consensus on any one of the following elphabate either in urdu english or in persian scripts for all wakhi speaker living in bordering areas of pakistan China Afghanistan and Thajikistan.
    I request bayee Farman Ali the new president (GECA) and its members to kindly start any joint venture in this regard.

    Ali Masud


  41. The fourm that has been made for the educational and cultural upliftment of the area is commendable but there needs to be a proper watchdog on the rules of business.
    The concerned people must apply the democratic rules in order to make it functional in the ture sense otherwise its essense would be naught.
    Mr. Firdous’ opinion is very valid if we want to see this forum to achieve its objectives.
    As I have been a close friend of Firdous I have seen him as a very humble and egile member of the area.
    Dear Firdous I need you to succeed in your life…what i suggest to is that do concentrate on your studies because people would not understand you and neither they want to…
    My Prayers are always with and and for you…

  42. The role of gojal cultural association and family entertainment program is a new concept, which is classifying the entire community in to rich and poor. I am A youth and belonging from the unique area known as gojal but where is my part of participation ? Am i not Gojali?……………………………………….
    Mr . Firdous point of view is valid and based on equal opportunity for all not just based on corner meetings. Mr. Firdous we are always with you and those who are saying that your politizing Geca it is there mistake and a symbol of nerrow mind…………………………………..

  43. Well done! you have shown your biased attitude towards our people. Misgar is the 2nd largest village of Gojal and no members from the village!

  44. comming soon mulana hazeir imam imamat day11 july 2009

    i m giving to hartly congorculation to all ismili sister and brother


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