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Pictory VII: Accidents on the KKH

Traveling on the roads of Gilgit – Baltistan might be an act of adventure for some people, it is not for everyone; tens of people lose their lives, hundreds are injured and thousands traumatized by small and large accidents, every now and then. The picture above was taken by Zulfiqar Ali Khan of PT, while traveling from Gilgit to Hunza, near Nomal village. It depicts one of the hundreds of road accidents that take place in the region.

Many argue that the narrow roads are the biggest cause of these accidents, still others blame non considerate drivers and their negligence and there have been cases when avalanches, landslides and other natural phenomena have played havoc with lives of the commuters.

What are your perspectives on this topic? Who is responsible? What can be done?  What can we do?

Let’s discuss.

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One Comment

  1. Dear Noor

    There is a tremendous increase in the number of Non custom paid vehicles and subsequently, there has been an increase in road accidents day by day and everyone just trying to get an easy access everywhere.Most of the driver are not aware of traffic rule and regulations and above 70 percent are just staring drivers.
    The reason behind the increase in accidents, I would like to say that there is lack of law in the area. the concern authorities should check the driving license and should not permit under age and unskilled drivers.its our responsibility that everyone even the pedestrians forsake road rules.

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