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Khunjerav: Four people killed in a road accident, four injured

The dead bodies were shifted to Aliabad for onward journey to Ghizer. Photo: Farman Ali Tajik

Asghar Ali and Wazir Nasir

Sost/Gulmit, October 3:  Four labourers died and four others were injured in a tragic road accident near Pomirchi Bridge, in the Khunjerav National Park area.

According to details, a tractor (GLTA 2197) carrying at least 9 laborers faced an accident in the remote Khunjerav (misspelled in official documents as Khunjerab)Valley, leading to the death of four people and injuring four others. The dead were identified as Moin Khan, Eid Khan and Amir Hussain, hailing from Ghizer District.

Four injured, identified as Murad Baig, Sakhi Murad, Muhammad Amin and Niat Murad, were shifted to Sost and later sent to Gulmit, the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital, for treatment.

From Gulmit the injured were sent to Aliabad. One of the injured is said to be in critical condition. Police officials and local people, including volunteers of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) played important role in handling the injured and the dead, at Sost and Gulmit.

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  1. very sad news indeed may almighty allah rest thier souls in eternal peace.Ameen
    very sorry to say we are not having basic health facilities even in sost as well maybe more lives can be saved secondly emergency response team of focus is not playing their vital role even in the last van accident we heard their responsible management staff must consider this and update thier team accordingly becouse these types of disaster always depends on them for early response due to their technical expertise my job and motive is not to heart some one but its fect..

  2. An air ambulance is the acute need of the hour for Gilgit Baltistan. A helicopter with latest medical facilities and an emergency medical team should be based in Gilgit and should be able to reach such remote places anywhwere in Gilgit Baltistan in case of such accidents to start treatment on the spot and evacuate the critically injured/sick patients to the base hospitals.It appears that the people who matter have no intention of taking GB forward and are content on remaining in the stone age!!!

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