Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Little angels: Malala and Arifa

Piyar Ali

Piar Ali Sagi Hunzai

God has created humans as rational beings on the earth. Among the rational beings some super human beings created by value of extra intellect. These human beings initiated their lives with tremendous moves and do extremely well in short period of life. In our age, I came to know two super humans. The age of both super beings, not contradicted to call upon them “the angels” on Earth. Two angels inspired and motivated entire rational humans by keeping will norm ever. The angels named as “Arifa” and “Malala”. Arifa an IT expert opened new dimension in Information technology globally, her abilities took place in Excellency in short period of time of her pre mature phase. She was born for Excellency by creator, with completion of mission back to heaven, but told entire world, I am an angel of wisdom born to guide the intellect of rational beings act according to creator creation.

Next malala, peace ambassador on inhuman polluted land, worked out to create space on the earth for peace on polluted geography. She acted to remove threats for human intellectual development, while she is in a grooming phase. The work she has done comparatively too much weight full to those masses with strong muscles and age. Malala a tiny angel with inner self realization told the global people, that the world is for human to live in peace. She struggle on war torn land to restore peace and developed a ground for intellectual growth by empowering education sector, but the polluted atmosphere willingly created a resistance to her mission. She never wants to return heaven. The nation daughter stood affirms to fight against resist and she won.

Both the super humans one returned to her golden cage, completing her mission of intellect and one struggling against the resistance. Both angels illustrated notion for the human, nothing is impossible in life, if the will lies in human. The set of goals are achievable breaking the hurdles by self realization. Salute both angels of planet earth.

6 thoughts on “Little angels: Malala and Arifa

  1. salute to both angels specially to Malala where she was saying innocently that “please give me a chance to educate myself and my fellows” but……who did this with Malala God knows better. And the culprits are still saying that education for woman in Islam is not allowed

  2. this has been happened many times in the history that not a single star is kept alive in Pakistan. they are been finished from the root level. a super mind child or a loyal leader. each have been laid down. so mind stops while relating the histories.

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