Youth of Gojal discuss modern challenges and empowerment

Group photo at the end of the session

Israr Salahuddin

Islamabad, October 28: Passu Students Association in collaboration with Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board Islamabad organized an interactive session on “Youth Empowerment and Modern Challenges” for the youth of Gojal in Islamabad today.

A large number ofl youth from Gojal based in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore,] Peshawar and Abbottabad participated in the session. The event was addressed by renowned educationists Raza Muhammad, Engineer Baig Ali, Eng. Muhammad Darjat, Azam Baig Tajik and Noor Muhammad.

During the session the youth deliberated to identify the modern challenges and also suggested remedial measures.

The youth got the opportunity to learn from the professionals. The event was part of the PSA’s  Silver Jubilee Celebrations.

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  1. Congratulations PSA for celebrating SilverJubilee.
    Passu students has always remained proactive in co curriculum activities. I request all the students asscociation, federations and organization of Gojal to consolidate and share thier efforts to deliver a vision and right direction to our youth. We witnessed that our efforts, know how and education is almost scattered, which has further detoriated our educational, cultural, political and social institutions. we must replicate our know how at our area almost at every field of life to upport our institutions.

    Charlotte North Carolina

  2. I hope the office bearers of PSA will mange to document the learning from the workshop and share it with others. Organizing the event was one of the key parts ( the organizers deserve appreciation) but documentations and dissemination are equally important.

  3. well Its Immense an Oppurtunity which can be uprooted to gather the Youth Of Gojal and i feel Proud that the youth will strive for more to catter the Total mass population of Gojal by Providing Legetimate Leader through . . . Small Steps

    ” Hope Our Next Step will be to gather Youth in Our Capacity & to Mobilize them with Leadership Capabilities ”

    Sohail Ahmed

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