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Ban on jobs lifted: Mehdi Shah

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Gilgit, Nov 17: Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan Syed Mehdi Shah has reportedly said that the government has lifted ban on jobs and all vacant posts government departments will be filled.

Presiding over a meeting in Gilgit‚ he stressed the need for timely completion of the ongoing development projects. He said that funds will be provided to Health Department.

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  1. For GB there is no any separte Federal public service commission, even Kashimir have their own FBSC and website to facilite kashmiris but GB are deprive of competence.Presently only 4% quoto for GB. In addition to that our dearly loved CM Medhi has opened Govt vacancies but sorry to say that each available job is previously fill thankfulness to this so called PPP Govt. As there is no bargaining for Govt job, only fix fee. So “CHADAR DEKH KAY POOVN PALAVO”.
    Zinda hai Bhutto Zinda Hai

  2. we appreciate the efforts of CM for lifting ban on jobs, At the same time we expect him to ensure set up a transparent and fair mechanism of appointments as well. The CM is also expected to ensure proper distribution of funds for hospitals on equity and equality bases. I had observed the following improvement areas in two hospitals through social survey and interviews.

    * In one hospital my friend took his son to check his ear. It was noticed that The doctor had not battery of torch to check the patient. The father of patient went to bazar and purchased the battery and gave to Doctor.Then Dr. Checked the boy. My colleague had to donate these batteries for that certain certified hospital.
    Is this not alarming and challenging for our leadership and top management and relevant department head?

    * There were two senior doctors in a large dispensary but they could not provide me prescription as they had no printed prescription. For issuing daily prescription they had to request a private school for rough papers. this shows our helplessness towards health facility.

    *To allocate only 5000 rupees for heating purpose for 18 staff for whole winter months also raises questions whether it is because of improper budget allocation or financial weakness of our Government. If we are to much financially weak then we should to think on spending on 6 lac daily, 1 crore 80 lac monthly and 21 crore 60 lac annually on hiring vehicles for securities purpose. CM sab and his team need to think reduction of such expenses where a grade 9 officer spends 6000 daily while in a hospital grade 18 two doctors along with 16 other staff spends only 5000 rupees in three months.
    I would never say that who is wrong , yes i would do say what is wrong. If we would not reflect on our actions we would never make improvement. We expect with budget allocating authorities to allocate the budget effectively and efficiently and ensure its follow up as well for desired out put.

    *Another example is relating to my village where more than 30 teachers are in placed in a school but the result of SSC is below 20 percent. Ok Govt provided employment for 30 people but out come was not ensured. More than 500 hundred students have to become suffer as these teachers are specified for up to middle classes while school is run at unauthorized high level. The Government had hired the 30 teachers for middle school but they have to teach in high classes. No matter if the out put might be gained at high level. The potentiality of these 30 teachers wasted. All these things shows to what extent we are utilizing the existing human resources as well as material resources.All leadership and top management need to overview the systems.

  3. Recruitment in Mehdi Shah regime always remained open as jobs are on sale. The Dunger Dr. Ali Madad Sher is on top to sale jobs of various categories. Huge amounts have ben grabed from the applicants who completed test interview on merit basis in Musharaf time. Shame on this corrupt mafia.

  4. hhhhhhhhha PPPPPPPPP per job kitna hoga aik teacher ka three hundrad thousend the yani teen lakh us hisaab say bahooth pesay banaygey unko pata hey ki dobara inki govt ney nahi banna

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