Ab Khud karna Paday Ga!!

Khayyam Muhammad Beg

Kab tak roona pareyga
Jo hai khona pareyga
Kehta hoon sunloo mere yaar
Ab khud kuch karna pareyga humko

I was listening to this song and the lyrics enchanted me so profoundly that I am forced to hold pen and to put across my intimate concerns and frustrations regarding the great Gilgit-Baltistan.

Every now and then sitting at my couch, I am switching channels to get the latest updates of GB but what I am getting is merely and totally bizarre. The anchors shout in their classical way, the only university of the GB region has been closed due to  the clashes between two student groups , two policeman been killed and local people are suffering, and the mantra goes on and on.

Do we know what we are doing with our land? Do we know what we are supposed to do? Do we have a little idea that the two policeman who were killed in a cross-fire attack, or the dozens others who are target killed, by their own people of land, of land had a home, family, children and siblings who loved them more than their own lives?

We destroyed the future of those two policeman families, who will take care of their children? Will there be any one to hold their s families hand? Who will go to attend annual parent’s day function? What would be the answer when the kids won’t see their father at home?

MKBI am in confused in raising these questions? What would have been the thoughts of those policemen at their last few minutes on earth? God bless GB! Hell to this life or kill me in the name of religion

Regardless of all, we are depicting the insecurities of faith. Calm down comrades. No one is taking our Islam from us and at the same time what we are doing in the name of faith has nothing to do with Islam.

It seems to me that we will never learn to live together but history pictures another facet. We have been living there since centuries with peace, back then there was no Sunni, Shia or Ismaili. They only knew one sentence. “I am a Muslim and Gilgiti”.

If our prophet could have lived peacefully with the Christian s and Jews of Madina, why can’t we live peacefully with our Muslim brothers?

A very disturbing aspect of all this madness is that we are bringing hate and animosities into our schools, colleges and universities.

Schools are to be loved not to be exploited on religious grounds. They are to be respected because these are the places where a man turns into humans.

My uncle Saranjam Baig, Assistant Professor at KIU, who is now pursuing a PhD from US used to describe Karakuram International University as a symbol of diversity. He used to tell me about the great contribution of this premier institute, the education change it has brought into lives of GBians and its potential to become the top national ranking university. I am in doubt now because the center of learning has turned into a center of sectarian competition.

Thousands have benefited from KIU, obtaining degrees and those who took this platform as a blessing are standing top in the fields of life but those who try to exploit this are locked behind visible or invisible steel bars.

Each one studying in KIU has a dream, a future and a plan. They are deemed on its progress. Their vision is to go beyond the box in order to achieve excellence in academics.

Please don’t exploit the KIU and other institutions on religious grounds. Please stop playing with the future of the youth.

KIU belongs to each and every one sitting in Gilgit. It belongs to seekers of knowledge and education. It belongs to the vision of our fore fathers to see a prosperous and peaceful Gilgit-Baltistan.

Let’s join hands to materialize the dream by following “Geo aur Jeenay do”, “Padho aur padhnay do”, because without studying we will never be able to move forward.

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  1. grt write up dear … every one frustrate by the ignorance of our people, ,… we need to engender the concept of diversity to in our home, in community and society

  2. Excellent write up.I wish, we could understand the critical situation and show some sense of responsibility. Otherwise, our coming generations will never forgive us.

  3. well said Khayam. Education is the only thing which can bring change in our life. this fact can not be denied by any one on this glob that with out education we people are like a bird with out wings .. !! the government of GB should take immediate notice of it.

  4. I agree with you khayam…..we are killing humanity in the name of Religion. . Brain washing in children, kids below ten for sister communities and this is the reality. To Hell with them who is doing this.GOD BLESS GB

  5. ya kayaam mohd baig your right now its a duty of this young generation think positive for GB,good job dear

  6. good one khayam.. you have pointed out some critical questions.. good keep it up!!!

  7. well said khayam..there are only few self centric people in G.B. whose interests are related to sectarianism. these people are using religion to safe guard their interest. what we need to know is our existence lies in peace not in violence. Its very alarming situation that these people now trying to target the only University and somehow they got success. Its gives me an immense satisfaction that our youth is well aware of their rights and responsibilities. God protect Gilgit-Baltistan. ameen

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