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Gojal: Commuters risk their lives to cross the frozen river

Gulmit: People are crossing the dammed river
Shishkat: People are crossing the dammed river

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Gulmit, January 13: Suspension of the boat service in Gojal Valley has increased difficulties for the commuters who want to travel between Attabad, Shishkat and Gulmit. Dozens of people were seen today crossing the frozen lake on foot, risking their lives. Police have barred the people from walking on the ice but many people were seen violating the ban.

Police have tried to break the ice to discourage people from walking on the frozen lake surface
Police have tried to break the ice to discourage people from walking on the frozen lake surface

The local police detained a number of people for violating the ban on the walking on the frozen surface.

The authorities have instructed the commuters to not risk their lives by walking on the iced surface, which can break anytime.

Local commuters are frustrated because hundreds of them have to wait at the spillway for hours to ride the few boats that are allowed to operate every day.

The region has been faced with isolation and disconnection for three years due to destruction of the Karakoram Highway caused by damming of the Hunza River.

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  1. It is very risky walking on the frozen lake, the people must take care of their lives and Ismaili council Gulmit must tack action of this practice to avoid any casualty.

  2. Scientists continue research in the North Pole in sub zero temperature and the ships continue moving in the Atlantic ocean in extreme winter conditions.The technology is available to break the ice and create way for movement of ships and boats; unfortunately we can not expect availability of these high tech machines in this remote mountainous region ,where the population is struggling for the basic amnesties.

  3. how many more years we will face this difficulty not only walking on the ice is dangerous AS one can’t imagine that when someone fell into a disease and there is no any doctor no any equiped hospital for 30 thousand humans. this is not the govt of human this is the junlge where there is no any rule. so wait for some more years……………………

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