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Boat Service Suspended: Ailing woman lost her life in Gojal Valley

Our Correspondent

Gilgit, January 27: An ailing, aged, woman belonging to the Chipursan Valley, Gojal, has lost her life in Gulmit, unable to get medical attention. She could not be transferred to Aliabad or Gilgit where better health facilities are available, because the boat service remained suspended for five days.

The local people have expressed anger and disgust at the callous attitude of the elected representatives and the administration who have failed to enhance medical service in the besieged valley, despite of thousands of promises and reassurances.

According to some sources an application has been lodged by relatives of the woman in the Gulmit Police station for registration of cases against the elected representatives and DC Hunza-Nagar, accusing them of criminal negligence.

The politicians and bureaucrats are also being criticized for failing to provide ambulance service for the valley to enable fast transfer of injured on ailing people.

It is pertinent to note that choppers are used frequently by the politicians and bureaucrats for official visits but the same service is not offered at least for the patients.

Hundreds of passengers remain stranded in Aliabad and Gulmit, waiting for the boat service to resume.

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  1. We are very sorry for the preventable death of a woman from Chipurson valley.I am also very disappointed with the callus attitude of the representatives of the region as I submitted a proposal for the optimal emergency care of the disconnected people of Gojal region,but no response till this date.

  2. This is correct that Choppers are used frequently by the politicians and bureaucrats for official visits and the same is not available for patients, this is really injustice with the people of Gojal, this is also true that our political representatives skip away from the region and prefer to spend most of the time in warm areas like Karachi and Islamabad, Anyway they will receive tough time during the next elections campaigns, people of Gojal will not re-elect them easily.

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