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Attabad: Spillway opened with the help of excavators

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Photographs: Mon Digital 

Hunza, February 1: Temporarily blocked spillway of the dammed Hunza River was opened near Attabad at around 5 O’clock this evening by the engineers of Frontier Works Organization. Around 15,000 Cusecs of water started flowing out of the lake initially.

The FWO officials told the media that by mid night the water outflow will reach to around 30,000 Cusecs. Brigadier Khalid Mehmood Ghazir and Colonel Adnan of the FWO said during a brief discussion with the media that the decrease in water level is likely to expose the under-construction bridge connecting Shishkat and Gulmit, which had been caused to submerge by the increase in water level.

He further said that the excavation work will be restarted soon and continued till the end of April. He said that the next target is to lower the water level by 10 feet more by April.

There are reports that the frozen surface of the lake has broken and boats might start operating from tomorrow or the day after.

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  1. So funny the under construction bridge of Shishkat-Gulmit is already filled by silt and there is a little stored water on surface. How dare the FWO authorities fool the people as earlier they were planning to evacuate the old RCC bridge Shishkat .Time and again they made thier presentation to the local and federal govt and it is on record, now after two years progress when the lake is filled by silt they managed to get adventage of this silt and made a new target of the under construction bridge Gulmit-Shishkat. It is a shamful time for FWO and also our political reps as well as local and federal govt departements to mishandle this project. They must reliaze that the world is watching thier progress and these people will be badly exposed and will make a history in failure and corruption.

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