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183 illegally recruited teachers and other staff fired in Gilgit-Baltistan

Our Correspondent

Gilgit, March 15: One hundred and eighty-three (183) employees of the Education Department have been fired from their jobs in Gilgit-Baltistan. A notification to this effect has been issued by the Education Secretary.

An inquiry committee had termed the appointments to be illegal and in violation of the laws of merit, transparency and equal opportunity. These teachers and other staff had been appointed between 2009 and 2011.

The Gilgit-Baltistan region was engulfed by news of illegal appointments in Education Department, Works Department, Food and Agriculture Department and several other key departments of the GB administration. There were rumours that officials of the Education Department were charging selling jobs for 300,000 rupees each.

Responding to these allegations, the GBLA had constituted a special inquiry committee to investigate the matter. The inquiry committee had shared its findings in which former Deputy Director (Academics) and Deputy Director (Education) had been named as the senior officials responsible for illegal appointments.

According to a list of names shared with the media majority of the illegally appointed teachers were women, mostly belonging to Gilgit district.

Another list of 125 illegally appointed employees has been prepared and they will also be fired shortly, an official told the media.

According to some reports, the ousted teachers have decided to take the issue to the court.

10 thoughts on “183 illegally recruited teachers and other staff fired in Gilgit-Baltistan

  1. Only officers are responsible for this menace ?????? very interesting !!!! What about so called ministers who manouvered all this?

  2. It was a time i personally saw an amazing amendment in an appointment of Gov. Boys High School Karimabad. the actual nominee was Mr. Ikram Ullah Baig… but the directorate appointed an another person who belong from Gilgit Jalalabad..

  3. Good riddance, it is also desirable that the faces of sponsors should be blackened and moved around population centers on a donkey – the old yet effective way of curbing malpractice

  4. A very good step taken and it should remain continue continue for all departments but this should be against those who are opening the door of corruption for the innocent people.

    Very Good again

  5. Will government take legal action against the culprits who openly sold jobs? I know someone who paid Rs. 350, 000/- for the appointment of his sister. Will they get money back?

  6. This is just beggining…. see ahead…. yes the honorable minister for education should be appointed the head of the committee for investigation… hahahahahahah….(BE SHARMI KI BHI HAD HOOTI HAI!)

  7. indeed a good decision, those who paid money for appointment must contact court, corrupt minister of GB should hanged, I personally saw some one who paid 300,000/- for appointment of SPY in police, this should be continue for all departments shortly.

  8. we appreciate and salute to all those individuals and institutions working against corruption. this is the only thing which causes of all social evils.All gbians are keen to see GB a corruption free zone as it has remained in history. this would be earnest desire of all well wishers of GB to investigate about all appointments for the last four years. It is shocking to fire so many females but the question is why they were laughed at them by giving appointment letters. If they have paid against their job tomorrow how they will teach in class that honesty is the best policy or bribe taker and giver both are in hell.
    I am aggrieved with those responsible individuals who dishonoured the merit and preferred money that was against the nature,justice and humanity. The all responsible staff who remained silent on such actions are also deserve to admonishing. Yesterday a minister was swearing that he has not made corruption in his ministry. Once again I would challenge him that So far he has deprived us 10 million rupees from not giving our due right and granted his jeyalas or dealers or mill owners,is also corruption. It does not mean that if he would have sold the trucks openly and this is corruption. As a minister if he or she can not deliver his services to public properly is also corruption and dishonesty. Another responsible person was remarking that providing job is not a sin. We all agree that employment should be available in GB but not at the cost of others lives or through deteriorating merit where we would push our new generations in stone age following the rule of Might is right.

    Once again we would suggest and request with top management ,all department heads to ensure transparency and meritocracy in recruitment, promotions and transferees regardless of any affiliation or pressure.

  9. The people behind this illegal recruitment should also be take in account and they should be punished, fined, fired from their respective posts and should be poisoned, So that nobody in future will repeat this illegal act.

    The top person behind this illegal act in Skardu is Kacho Fayaz working in Education Department. He is a very corrupt and a virus for the entire educational system of Gilgit Baltistan

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