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Gilgit: Chief Secretary suspends project director of Danyore-KIU bridge

Chief Secretary visiting DanyoreKIU bridge

Our Correspondent

Gilgit, March 18: The Project Director of Danyore-KIU bridge has been suspended by the Chief Secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan and an inquiry has been ordered against him for failing to complete the project on time, despite prior commitment.

According to details, Chief Secretary of Gilgit-Baltisan, Sajad Hottiana, visited two bridge sites located in the vicinity of Karakoram International University today. He was briefed about the projects by the relevant officials. The Chief Secretary ordered bulldozing of encroachments that had hindered the construction of the KIU-Jutial Bridge, in the presence of MLA Deedar Ali, the Deputy Commissioner and the police chief. He ordered the relevant officials to complete the project by June.

While visiting the Danyore-KIU bridge the Chief Secretary suspended the project director and ordered completion of the project by April 10.

On completion, the project will be opened for traffic in the month of May.

8 thoughts on “Gilgit: Chief Secretary suspends project director of Danyore-KIU bridge

  1. Good Job CS sab. Such actions need in other projects as well. Pamir Times highlight as much issues as you can. This CS is a sensible and honest man.

  2. it is a good decision of chief secretary of GB. the bridge has been yet not completed since many year………..

  3. Respected Chief Secretary sab! All gbians appreciate your efforts for taking interest to develop GB and striving for streamlining the systems. My humble suggestions in this regard would be to held accountable all relevant personnels supervising the projects. It would be better if contract would be given on fair and transparent system bases without any pressure and affiliation from leadership or management side. Apart from this I have witnessed that a contractor has many agents who become the cause of delaying and corruption in projects. It should be strictly forbidden and original contractor should be present on the site. Follow up mechanism needs to be more strengthened and streamline. Apart from this it is noticed that political leaderships grants funds for projects but no body is there to ensure the proper utilization of available fund. Consequently the fund is misused by some individuals and the resources of GB goes in the hands of corrupt people. From relevant community a sub project committee can be formed to ensure completion of task. In this committee all segment of people like numberdarans, councilors and representatives of Civil societies CBOs,LDOs may be involved.
    Deputy commissioners and Assistant commissioners should have village wise list of approved projects and they should also have a system or mechanism of follow up and completion of projects.

  4. Weldon chief secretary
    thousands of people are appreciating your and courage’s action
    Such actions can curb the corruptions which is rooting overwhelming in our society
    There is need more check and balance IN GB

  5. we highly appreciate CS action against the Corrupt department and individuals. Same action needs to be taken against contract of 2nd bridge linking Zulfiqarabad to KIU Bridge.

  6. We appreciate and salute to your quick and right decisions made in favour of Girls School Naltar and in-time completion of both KIU Jutial and Danyore bridges. It is our humble request to follow the decisions until completion of both the projects.

  7. I cordially appreciate enthusiastic spirit of Mr. Safdar Ali Safdar, journalist for pointing out the teacher-less girls school at Naltar and thanks for prompt decision and action of Chief Secretary sahib. Thanks a lot to both of you.

  8. The pace of deadly slow development for the last five years in GB under so called democratic government have ever seen in past. After fall of the long China bridge connecting Danyor to Sekar, these two under construction bridges were supposed to get on priority to complete as early as possible. When ever we see only beams standing in the river for the last 7 years, we could only take a long breath and swallow it as usual. We know that with no longer the influence of bad governance from federal, this was the right time to take action. It is much appreciated.

    Sher Zaman

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