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“Where is the 10 Crore rupees allocated for students of Gojal”?, Wazir Baig asks Mehdi Shah

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Gilgit, March 31: Corruption is at the peak and I am not dumb and deaf to stay silent. I am firm at my stand and will oppose the corrupt elemetns. I am not deterred by opposition, no matter where it comes from.

These views were expressed by GB Speaker, Wazir Baig today in Gilgit. He said that he has nothing against the public of Baltistan. “The people of Baltistan are my brothers and sisters”, he said. “But I cannot remain silent against injustice with other people of the Gilgit-Baltistan region. All are equal for me”, he explained.

Wazir Baig also alleged that the establishment of Public Service Commission has been halted because the corrupt elements want to continue their loot without any resistance.

He also said that nothing is known about ten Crore rupees received in the name of  the disaster affected students of Gojal Valley and Attabad. He said that he wrote to the education minister and the CM to inquire about the money but they did not give any satisfactory response.

The veteran politician who has drawn criticism from his party leaders and cabinet members said that he did not want to fight anyone. “The Chief Minister has started this”, he alleged.

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  1. raising voice against corruption…..great job…Supreme court should take action….if not at least supreme applet court should do it..and we request…otherwise…the law of the jungle will prevail….

  2. This is what expected from Mr. Clean! We all should stand behind our leader in the fight against corruption in GB which is touching the crest. Corruption is the route cause of all problems! !

  3. You Should Resign from you Position but please dont become lMoalana Fazal ur Rehman or Altaf Hussain. We all know you are neat and Clean person but over all performance of GBLA is enough for the people of GB.

  4. Great effort Mr Wazir Baig.We all will support you.Keep it up.



  5. Strange that if we think about those who supports corruption, if any????….and the time factor is very important here.

    its very strange that such kind of allegation comes after creation of 2 new districts?????
    Y not at the time when CM supports timber policy, not at the time of creation 3 Admin regions in GB…not at the time when they had increased the Quota of wheat to GB……coz all these steps are in favor but not at this time…!!!!!.
    its ridiculous when the Govt decides to support the people of Baltistan, then corruptions and other matters exposed????


  6. Mr Baigs arguement,is just to make people fool but the upcoming election will bring a historical change in the history of pakistan!

  7. Good Morning Mr Wazir Baig,,,,I am really happy today that you are awake and trying to say do something for the betterment of community..You have taken this step in the eleventh hour which is not fruitful.You have forgot the upper Hunza Gojal people and their support. you got many chances to work for the people and have their support but now it is too late…In future you will inshallah realize this..!!

    1. We all know that positive thinking has its own importance. But at the same time it is also said that honesty and principles never can be compromised by self conscious people or leaders. It is quite clear that the whole GB is like a human body, for holistic growth of body the balance diet is important and the same line to care all the parts of body is also essential. We never say that on creation of two districts of Baltistan the rest of people are unhappy never. But it depends upon the leaders approach how they rationalize it. Formerly I have elaborated facts and figures of all districts and had asked to Ishtiaq to present the district wise facts and figures as well as he had shown concern about its authenticity but so far he could not share facts and figures as well.

      Speaker sab All GBIANS appreciates and respects the truthful leaders and officers and hate and condemn those officers and leaders who are involved in corruption.
      We notice that some of our top management like Chief Secretary and some honest leaders have taken step to work against corruption whether it is in recruitments, postings, promotions, giving contracts, accomplishing projects, over staffing, budget allocation, and appointments in all districts on equity and equality bases or in office routines.
      We can not expect from our all GBLAs that those should be scholars or thinkers but at least they should be an honest and fair person in their daily routines. They should have moral courage to say this is right and this is wrong. We expects with CM as well to raise voice against any injustice and corruption as well across the GB. If his any member of house indicates towards such weaknesses or suggest some thing relating to interest of GB he should appreciate him on his truthfulness and honesty.

      It is also alarming for all GBIANS that the Service tribunal is intentionally not in placed to gain the personal purpose unlawfully that is also corruption. All these evidences raise question for all GBLA members that what can we expect with these leaders about future of GB where we are complaining that we have no constituently vote right in senate and National assembly. If we would not honour the merit or dishonor universal core values we would never be in position to get our rights.

      Once again it is expected with policy makers and decision makers to strengthen the already established districts, divisions and tehsils as well. Honest officers and leaders need to institutionalize and internalize the systems where the service delivery to public should be ensured. Really we are proud to those leaders and officers raising voice against corruption and taking steps to make GB as corruption free zone

      1. Mr ALi Meher….You seem very interested to talk abt facts and figures, and the same time you want to hide ur prejudice against the people of Baltistan in the name of “Corruption”.You all are as biased as Mr.Wazir Baig.Lets talk abt facts,figures, rationalism,prejudice, hypocrisy and our collective behaviour and wisdom. We the GBIANs have a very short term memory, we should look briefly abt the previous dictricts creation format in Gilgit Baltistan? Can we see beyond the current creation of Two districts?
        previously there were 5 districts (GILGIT,DIAMER,GHIZER,SKARDU,GHANCHE)….when HUNZA-NAGAR and ASTORE districts were announced in Mir GHAZANFAR HUNZAI era, was there a single protest in Baltistan? though at that time the issue of “Creation of KHARMANG and SHIGAR DISTRICTS” was on the same table. We never showed prejudice,We never raised slogan, We never showed our inner hatred in the name of corruption.One thing I never understand that ( with due respect), that HUNZAIS being the most educated community in GB,why u so called educated people cant bear the progress of other regions and communities? why you people are so narrow minded? why ur criteria remains always “being a hunzai’? U always appreciate a person if he hails from Hunza? ..why? One day Hunzais wil demand that “HUNZA” must be a province. I admit that u r educated people bcoz in the past u had opportunities as compare to other regions of GB, but it does not mean that u use ur education and progress as a tool to suppress other regions and communities,U dnt have the right to usurp the rights of the rest of GBIANs…. That good era has gone when used to portray “RAKAPOSHI IN HUNZA”, now is the time of “RAKAPOSHI VIEW from HUNZA”. So accept the facts and figures and tolerate others.
        No one support corruption, But what is the relation between corruption and the creation of Two districts? If Mr.Wazir Baig’s party govt is corrupt then why he didnt raised slogan when Hunza-Nagar district was announced? Why he didnt speak against the creation of Diamer division? WHy Mr.Baig did not speak abt corruption during relief works for Ataabad lake affectees? Where was he when innocent protesters were killed in his own constituency by his govt’s police? Why Mr.Speaker is so intrested in our constituency(Baltistan)? i think he should correct his own house first. We baltis are never against any development work in any part of GB for any community. We support at the extend that even Aliabad and Ganish must be separate districts…For the last 50 years fedreal govt deprived us from our basic human rights, and now if a little relief is comming from any corner,our own brothers are raising slogan against it….last but not the least “jitni taaasub yahan pamirtimes per non-hunzais ky liya dekhta hun, utni taasub shyd Kohistan ky un logun my b nahi, jo ID card check kr ky logun ko goli marta ha”
        (Special note to editor :-plz dont modify my comments,,a single word should not be removed,if u cant post the whole comment, then dnt post it…coz half truth is a whole lie)

        1. Dear Shuja,

          Your comment is posted above, word-to-word, without even a single letter being removed.

          We are a neutral forum and accept all kinds of decent and objecitve criticism on the news items posted.

          You are invited to read the comments posted by others, many of who are from Hunza and they have opposed Wazir Baig (raising the same questions).


  8. I think this situation was not unpredictable. For the last three years Mr. Wazir Beg enforced all his possible efforts to oppress our voice and worked for the GBLA, ignoring his constituency even in the worst period despite the fact that no one from the illiterate and selfish GBLA house will recognize his service because everyone are engaged to develop his own area except our political leaders as our people were dragged into an continuous chain disaster. Imagine that still there is not a single doctor for the 25 thousand population of Gojal.The development process is completely stopped. The so called CM special package for Gojal early recovery project and notification of calamity hit area are still an announcement. The USAID funds for rehabilitation and revitalization for the business structures were taken back to Punjab by NDMA.The recent conflict between CM and Speaker will not benefit our people as the PPP has completely lost its credibility as the people of Hunza witnessed the worst human rights violation in the history of Hunza. Hundreds of our youth were been convicted under ATA and innocent IDP’s were assassinated, no judicial inquiry report were allowed. Governor and CM will ever support our people because they are selfish and illiterate people and they donot believe on merit.It is time to get rid of such selfish people.

  9. As much as I love to adore Mr. Speaker for finally speaking up, my conscious is not allowing me to do so. It really is too late. I wish you had taken some positive and effective step in this matter and other matters through out your tenure. Today we would have been able to see the results. Anyways, I would still like to wish you BEST OF LUCK and hope that you are able to get some answers from the culprits and help the deserving people.

  10. cheif minister of gilgit baltistan is a corrupt person. he is only cheif minister of Baltistan not Gilgit………..

  11. Mr. Speaker although it a great step taken by you the people of Hunza are still expecting something better and it should not be limited to just a political revenge and it should be clearly solved and all the culprits should brought to the court.

  12. Dear All,

    Its not “use crying over split milk”-As much as I love to adore Mr. Speaker for finally speaking up, my conscious is not allowing me to do so. It really is too late. I wish you had taken some positive and effective step in this matter and other matters through out your tenure.
    Today we would have been able to see the results. Anyways”
    I do agree with Fara whatever she narrated above. Why this difference started???
    Why the First Time you came out of GB, Khunjud and narrated Gojal.
    The second question to YOU, because in your last Election You were rejected from Khanjud (central Hunza)and you win the election due to Gojalees and Gojal.
    What was the resons You didn’t opend your good mouth when the FIRST PUBLIC MURDER HAPPENED IN ALIABAD police killed two of the innocent people of the IDPS and In History of Hunza??
    Now again you are taking the Name of Gojal because the land is enough soft and the election is very near??
    Why You not plead for the people of Gojal Chipursaan to all the Forienginer Investors???
    What You and the Technocrate Rep. done for the the IDPS of Gojal and till today the people are suffering??
    How many Time in Winter You been to Gojal and where is the Fuel/Diesel that was donated by Chines for the 30,000 People of Gojal??
    Enough is Enough—-NO More Games with the People of Gojal———If You are Loyal with the Gojalees Give the Oppertunity of Leadership to the Political Figures of Gojal–Like Mr. Ghulam Muhammad, Mr. Hunar Baig, Mr. Abuzar Ali, Mr. Hajat Muhammad, Mr. Muhammad Qurban—Work for them as they worked twice for You once for Nazir—–HERE IS A TEST OF YOU AND YOUR LOYALITY WITH THE GOJALEES” Mr. Speaker. “We don’t belive on words WE GOJALEES DO BELIEVE ON DEED”
    If you are so clean come for debate on the media and call us ANY PUBLIC PLACE YOU LIKE——-if you reply the QUESTIONS again we will feel happy ” BUT FOR GOD SAKE DON’T TAKE THE NAME OF GOJAL OR GOJALEES”—WE KNOW HOW TO WORK AND WHERE TO GIVE THE INPUTS FOR A BETTER OUTPUTS.

    1. How can a sarkari mulazim be so vocal on a political matter at a public forum? Engineer Baig Ali (OGDCL) may kaam karo, aur Pakistan ka Energy Crisis resolve karo. Idhar politics may padogay to aap per bhi buhot ilzam aayengay, aur koyi Ministry may aap ki shikayat karde ga … job say bhi haath dhona parega …..

      Jin naam-nihad leaders ka naam aap nay ooper liya hay in may say Ghulam Muhammad wo shakhs hay jis nay Gojal ka youth k khilaf FIR karwanay may police ki madad ki.Baqi sub ko bhi hum sahi tarah say jaantay hay ki unki leadership ki limits kiya hay.

      Khuda ka khauf karo aur Gojal aur Hunza ka taasub phela kar logu ko mat laraw.

  13. we have schools but there is no education,we have hospitals but there is not treatment,we have courts but there is no justice,we have police but there is no fear,we have rivers but we dont have clean water to drink,we have bundle of corrupt leaders/scandals but there is no body to say against these all …if one says then all concerns must take strict action against it,if not doing so then all are corrupt simple maths not a rocket science.say ur own and support

  14. .Mr.Speaker is raising his voice against corruption from day one but unfortunately he is part of a corrupt party and system.What he can do alone when all the corrupt masters are dictating the system and not establishing the FPSC and services structure for the employees of BPS 16 and above.This Govt.must go as it has no credibility and ability. Mr.Speaker should join a clean party instead of wasting his time here.
    Nobody will answer and this will lead to an anarchy and Martial Law that the politician mostly like.The education and Health department will be given back to the Army so they will control the corruption.
    The politicians have failed badly in delivering any Good to the people of GB except loot and plunder.
    Mr.Speaker you are the right person at the wrong place I am extremely sorry for that situation but I salute your courage and straight forward press briefings We are with you to fight the menace of evil doing in our society that will ruin the future generation.
    Simply you are the best leader of GB unbiased and merit loving keep that tradition alive and history will always remember YOU as a person who fought for justice and Rule of law.

    1. My humble request with all the well wishers and intellectuals of GB would be that please consider GB as a whole unit. Wherever the issues are and people are sufferers suppose it all GBIANS are sufferers. It depends upon the perception of leaders of GB that how they are serious to solve the issues of affected area whether this may be in Baltistan or Astore or in Diamer or in Ghizer or Gilgit. No need to be confines your self at local or regional level. In all matters equality and equity should be on top priority and merit should be bench mark for all leaders and officers as well in delivering the services to deserving areas wherever these areas are in GB. Just an example today I quote the example of district Diamer that the ratio of female literacy is very low at GB level. The no of female students are in whole district is 3394( 2012 census)while the male students are 19523.
      These huge gaps pose a question for all policy makers and decision makers or educational providers that how this huge gap cans is bridged or filled. It means 85% male students have access to education facilities while only 15% female have this facility. In other districts almost female strength is more than 50 % except in Skardu which is 47 % female only. This calculation shows that if Diamer would be given top priority in female schools this would not be biased or favoured by any leader or officer. Like wise for allocating resources or projects for certain areas or district standard should be set which can be shared openly with public and no body can claim that the favourtism or regionalism has been considered. In previous text I had also shared my perception on establishment of new district and asked the relevant decision makers to share its set criteria for establishing new districts. So far it has not been shared. I do confess the Baltistan is back ward area but not compare to Diamer where we need to work more if remoteness or backward is yard stick. If population is considered than it should be in Gilgit as this is crowded district any many administrative issues are raising daily. Once again I repeat the figure of Gilgit is for additional district is 1,06,392 while for Shiger and Khurmung it is 1,05,055. It shows if population has been considered than Gilgit comes on merit for becoming district. If historical back ground is considered than the Huna Nagar and Yasin gupis comes in list. These are just examples to convince some body or public to ensur merit and transparency No GBIAN is never never unhappy on Shiger or Khurmung. All are happy But as it is saying that Child is beautiful but over population is ugly. Just now I was reading in news paper and listening with a person of GB election commission that they are without pen and pencil and building has been evacuated due to none payment of rent for last month if this is the situation of our finance and hospitals are without medicines schools are without chalk and furniture and establishing of districts daily seems irrational and illogic. I have to purchase water gatewall for supply of water to muhallah as the Govt had no any amount or budget or if it was there I donot know in whose pocket it was. All these stories tell us that can we progress? or develop or how far we are facilitated by our own new self governance or what strategy should develop to address such issues.
      Through going text I was shocked to notice the mentioning of Hunza and Gojal. For God sake give up such perceptions and praise and appreciate honest, truthful, corruption free officer and , political leader wherever he is from whether he may be wazir baig or Mutabat shah or Muhammad ali akther or Jan baz or Nawaz khan Naji,or amna ansari, Mirza hussain or Sadia Danish or Aftab haider etc.
      Baig ali sab this would be my none professional approach if I would say if Wazir baig was hunzukuz and nothing he has done for you in that assembly our another leader my friend Mutabat Shah was also there while he is also amongst disaster hit people. For God sake we should give up this blaming culture and should have moral courage to discriminate between good and bad.
      All GBIANS are keen to witness their leader a fair, an honest and liberal person regard less of region, sect, ethnic and party.
      Our present leaders have forgotten noble examples set by our past leaders late col. Mirza hussan khan, Major Murtaza, Late sub. Safiullah baig etc who did not care for their lives for GB interest. We need to become a true GBIAN leader not a party leader or regional leader or ethnic leader

  15. Mr. Wazir Baig u may be one of the Honest person and corruption free man in GBLA, that means nothing to the Public. We all kno u have started this fight for ur own intrest. So for GOD sack do what ever u want to do but don’t Use the Name of Gojal for ur personal Intrest as we are paying for electing u from our area In the Election, U have gifted us with countless projects.
    1-FIR on more the 120 Youth
    2-killing IDPs.
    3-Attaabad Lake
    4-No doctor in Hospital
    5-Dividing our People in Parties and Many more Gifts
    U are very lucky Mr. wazir Baig that The People of Gojal are peace lover so they are quite if u had done all this with any other people they would have done something very bad to u , Pray from God to Forgive u for what u did with us.
    From the day u are in the assembly u are representing ur Party not the Public who vote to u . U are a puppet of PPP an Old fool man. U believe to be very Straight forward . Why u were quite on the Murder of IDPs, the Fake and Political FIRs which ur Dalal Jiyalas registered against the Youth. Why are u Quite on the compensation for the Affecties of KKH and Attabad land owners.
    MR. Tojik surprised to see ur comment and the Sugestions u have given to Wazir Baig ,,,, all The names u mentioned in ur comment can u plz mention here what was the role of these people Ghulam Muhammad, Hajat Muhammad, Qurban and others in the Disaster … The Day when the Youth were on road on Protest 04 April .. What were these old puppets of PPP doing ,, these were the old and Puppets Jo Bhuttu ki Barsi mana rahe the Not only Barsi, these where the Great leaders u want to lead us who signed Resolution to the government to take action against the Protesters .. u want them to lead us.
    Mr Wazir Baig the Day U will be out of the Assembly we will celebrate that day as Gift of God for the People of Gojal, as we will get rid of You the Biggest problem of Gojal

  16. hhhhhhhh Mr. sleepey now you know that Mr. ……is corrupt com on dear don’t play game you know everything from day first and now you and peer sahib will say coz this is your end of career

  17. congratulation Baig sahib but after losing the vehicle you are building the road. still you have time…… Make sure you are leader of educated people not of ………. they can stand with you if you are on their right

  18. Dear shuja ! Thanks for your openess and remarks but still you could not rationalize the establishment of districts, we are not in against of Baltistan or diamer but we want to see a standard criteria and merit for all things. You have mentioned about the creation of former districts at that time there was not our own self governance. We reccomend and suggest to make decisions on merits. We appreciate that worker, leader and officer who is free from corruption and prejudice and hate and condemn that person, party, officer and leader who are invovled in corruption regardless of region. We always believe on merit and support the merit policy. Without financial resources in GB if evey village would be up graded at district level that is not in favour of GBIANS. We should not cheat our people. Paper is not available for prescription in hospitals, former tehsils have not been made functional how can we believe the upgraded districts would be facilitated and well equipped. You have shown none professional approach about all people you can say and write many things about my perception and opinion but to innvolve all hunzukuz is irrationale and immoral.

  19. who drugged Mr wazir ?seems like sleeping for last 3 yrs n now acting like an honest person on earth.

  20. please correct the k2 news the have mentioned 17 corer and only 3 corer has been distributed..well don PT..

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