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Diamer: Houses of alleged miscreants demolished in Tangir valley

Image source: DPAP Website
Image source: DPAP Website

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Gilgit, April 9: Houses of alleged miscreants who are reportedly involved in killing of a DSP and his gunmen have been blown with the help of explosives, after they refused to hand themselves over to a tribal Jirga, in Diamer district.

According to details, the Gilgit-Baltistan Police and GB Scouts are currently conducting an operation in the Tangir valley of Diamer District, where miscreants had attacked a police van last week and martyred a senior officer along with his guard, while also injuring several other cops.

The GB administration had tried to negotiate with the outlawed miscreants, in an attempt to force them into surrender. The miscreants had been identified shortly after the violent attack. The police had also vacated several checkposts in the region, as part of a confidence building measure, on the demand of a local Jirga. However, the miscreants, reportedly, refused to hand themselves over to the police. The failure of the negotiations was followed by use of state force and demolition of the houses of the people accused of involvement in the attack. The houses, reportedly, were empty while being demolished with the help of explosives.

IG Usman Zakaria has said that the miscreants will be captured and brought to justice at all costs. DIG Ali Sher, who has served for a very long period of time in the district, is present in Tangir valley, said official sources.

The Tangir valley has in many cases proven to be a safe haven for outlaws, who take refuge in the region, taking benefit of local tribal customs and hospitality, after committing crimes in other parts of the region.

Tangir valley is among the most remote and under-developed areas of  the Diamer district. It is a tribal society living in high mountains, mostly living off subsistence farming, cattle breeding and sale of timber.

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  1. It would be our earnest desire to bring this remotest valley in main stream through many development interventions. The adminstration as well as leaders need to take lead in order to educate people.Education is the only instrument that can change the behaviour of people. Iniatiation can be done by teaching of Holy Quran with meaning in these villages. As Islam and Quran Majeed teaches the respect of humanity. By opting these approaches future generation can be saved by savage deeds of criminals and culprits.It is expected with all types of leadership and elites of District Diamer generally and Daril/ Tangir particularly to take steps to bring these remotest areas in main stream and ensure the safety of GB zone.

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