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Hunza: Civil Court acquits activists from Gojal Valley

The acquitted persons pose for the press
The acquitted persons pose for the press
Karim Ali
Hunza, April 13: A Civil Court in Hunza Valley today acquitted a number of activists, IDPs and students, including young Wakhi poet Raza Baig Raza, hailing from different villages of Gojal valley. These people had been charged in a case filed against them on January 4, 2011, when they had come on the roads to stage a protest demonstration on completion of one year of the Attabad landslide disaster, to condemn the inaction and failures of the government.After several hearings held in Aliabad, Hunza, the Civil Judge Ms. Amina Zamir concluded that the clauses under which the activists had been charged were not maintainable. She dismissed the case and acquitted the accused.

Cases had been filed against a large number of activists, including students and senior citizens, who were protesting against the government in reaction to its failure in addressing needs of the communities affected by the Attabad landslide and damming of the Hunza River.

Many of these vocal critics of the government had been named in multiple FIRs.
Speaking to our correspondent in Aliabad the acquitted activists thanked and appreciated the court for supporting the truth and dispensing justice.

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  1. Congratulations to all activists they dedecated their good time for the rights of the people. we all know they suffred more but they achived the target,we appreciat of your struggle made for the people against the corruptions and dishonesty. Your fight for the rights of the people will always be remembered.Keep it up.

  2. After Attabad disaster, the political leadership and administration of Hunza were proactive to launch cases against the youth and resultantly a huge number of the political activists, students, poets, human right activists of Hunza were convicted on political grounds to suppress and oppress the voice of the people of Hunza to hide their complete failure. After failure in its shameful act these culprits assassinated the two innocent IDP’s, that will be remembered as the worst human rights violation in the history of Hunza. We salute our youth and activists/political victims from Karachi to Khunjerab who finally succeeded and made a history. The ugly face of the socalled democratic govt with a slogan of Roti, Kapda and Makan is now badly exposed and hopefully will eliminate from our area for ever. Time will come to bring those culprits to justice who killed his own voters just for protocol of a person who’s enmity against the people of Hunza is now on surface. I believe that the struggle has just started until the end of the corrupt Zardari mafia from our motherland.

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