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Peace conference held in Gilgit

Participants of the peace conference

Participants of the peace conference
Participants of the peace conference

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Gilgit, April 2: The Gilgit-Baltistan administration held a peace conference in Gilgit city in which scholars and leaders from across the region shared their views on different aspects of peace-building and maintenance of law and order.

Speaking at the occasion ex-speaker Malik Miskin said that if the situation in Amphary and Kashrote, two wards of Gilgit city, is controlled the effects will be felt throughout the region.

Fida Muhammad Nashad, ex deputy chief executive, said that hypocricy has tainted the peoples’ resolve to fight the core issue.

Deputy Speaker Jamil Ahmed said that the government has enacted a law to punish troublemakers. He said that any citizen can lodge a case against miscreants.

Former member of NA Council, Sunbul Shah, said that divide and rule policy was being used in Gilgit, to keep the people oppressed.

Other speakers said that foreign forces were behind the violence. Some speakers alleged that huge sums of money were being distributed in the city to fan sectarianism and fund militancy. The speakers demanded of the intelligence agencies to investigate the allegations and expose the criminals.

Some speakers said that injustice was at the core of the sectarian hatred.

Two influential clerics, Qazi Nisar and Agha Rahat, were not present at the conference.

MLA Raziuddin Rizvi has said that he, MLA Deedar Ali and MLA Aftab Haider had boycotted the conference. “The enemies of the empowerment package were present at the conference”, he told the media in Gilgit.

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  1. All GBIANS appreciates the efforts of all individuals and organizations striving for peace and integration in the region. At the same time after going through the text I feel still gap amongst all main stake holders of GB working on peace.For example why there is no participation of our religious leaders, political leaders,poets who have contributed a lot for maintaining peace and integration. As far as administration is concern they need to ensure the implementation of respect of law, discouraging law breachers,and tracing the people who are involved in corruption and taking steps for its eradication as well.. A Few days ago i was told by a well known scholar of GB that some service delivery staff demanded for certain amount to accomplish the task that was their part of job description. If it is happenning with Ph.Ds who are tutors of adminstration what would be with a common man. The top management is requested to take steps to discourage such corrupt personnel who are becoming the cause of defame and discredibility for Government.The purpose of my indication towards weakness or evil is to reform of institutions and Govt staff.

  2. All the people leaving in GB arepeace lover and always taking their efforts to to keep harmony and peace in the area.If we look to some spacail incidents happend last year it links to the pakistan based unrestness the government itself creats situations to convert the minds of the people to any tragic situation.otherwise pepole like each other.We hope the efforts towards harmony will bring changes.

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