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No Entry: Jiyalas pelt Governor House in Gilgit with stones!

Our Correspondent 

Gilgit, April 19: Enraged Jiyalas – a term used for die-hard supporters of Pakistan Peoples Party, pelted the Governor House in Gilgit with stones and hurled abuses at GB Information Minister, Dr. Ali Madad Sher, after they were bared from entering the Governor House, where oath-taking ceremony of two the newly added ministers was taking place.

The Jiyalas got infuriated after they were stopped at the gate of the Governor House. They even tried to force their way into the house. However, after failing to get entry they blocked the gate by placing a vehicle in front of it. When the vehicle of Information Minister came near trying to enter the gate the enraged Jiyalas greeted him with profanities and abuses, despite of his efforts to console them.

The PPP workers also chanted slogans against the Chief Minister.

MLA Syed Raziuddin Rizvi, who recently joined the Pakistan Peoplse Party, appreciated the Jiyalas, calling them “the supporters of truth”. He also protested against the inclusion of the two new ministers.

Meanwhile, GB Chief Minister has said that Raziuddin Rizvi cannot forcefully become a minister.

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