Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

“Honor killing”: 40 years old woman shot dead in Skardu

Special Reporter

Skardu, April 23: A man named Qasim, 45, hailing from Hajigam area of Skardu has killed his forty (40) years old sister, in cold blood.

According to details , the tragic incident took place on Tuesday when Qasim shot his sister and afterwards handed himself over to the police.

He told the police that he had killed his sister in the kitchen of their house, using a 30 bore pistol. He reportedly told the police, while confessing, that he killed his sister for “honor”.

The police have taken Qasim in custody and lodged a case against him in view of his confession. The police’s effort to conduct an autopsy of the deceased was opposed by the family.

“Honor killing” is spreading like a cancer in the society. Every now and then men and young boys take guns or knives or other lethal weapons and kill women in the name of family’s pride and honor.

Generally, these incidents are related to “illicit”, extra-marital, affairs. However, it is believed that many a time the murders take place because of enmity, disputes over land and property, as well as other petty matters.

The incident has spread fear in the area and people have urged the law enforcing authorities to take strict action against the criminal, to discourage others who may use the pretext of “family pride” and “honor” to justify similar barbarism.

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  1. Very sad but —- Where are the three witnesses which are required for this kind of action.

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