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Bizarre: Chief Minister and cabinet boycott Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly’s 27th session

Several seats were empty in the 33 member assembly  due to a boycott by the Chief Minister and his cabinet
Several seats were empty in the 33 member assembly due to a boycott by the Chief Minister and his cabinet

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Gilgit, April 24: In a unique, unprecedented and bizarre, incident the Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan, along with key members of his cabinet boycotted the 27th session of the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly.

The session had been requisitioned by the Speaker, Wazir Baig, on the request of 15 members of the assembly, including provincial ministers, parliamentary secretaries and members of the opposition.

There are reports that the CM wanted the session to be called in the mid of May.

The members of assembly who attended the session included Deputy Speaker Jameel Ahmed, Raziuddin Rizvi, Maulana Sarwar Shah, Mutabiat Shah, Ayub Shah, Mehnaz Wali, Abdul Hameed, Gul Mira and Mirza Hussain.

Others believe that various incidents during the last couple of months had turned many members of the assembly against the CM. For instance, the Speaker and CM had directly or indirectly exchanged harsh words over delays in the notification of the headquarters of Hunza-Nagar district. The Speaker had also termed the creation of Kharmang and Shigar district to be illegal, inviting the rage of legislators and political leaders from Baltistan. Some people were expecting a repeat of the tussle.

Similarly, MLA Raziuddin Rizvi, who is known for his hot temper, was also expected to challenge the CM in the assembly for not making him a minister.

Whatever be the reason, the boycott of the assembly session has exposed the fault-lines in the regional cabinet. The Speaker and members of the assembly, who were present in the session, termed the boycott to be tantamount to ridiculing the legislators and the house.

The Speaker said that action will be taken against the CM according to the laws of the assembly.

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  1. The democratic system of GB needs to be mature ,tolerant and robust to challenge the wrong doing of the assembly members including CM.The fault lines will be widen after May 11, 2013 general election in Pakistan,but the people of GB should resist the forces those who have created an artificial fault lines based on sectarian,ethnical and regional differences.

  2. حال اب تک وہی ہیں فقیروں کے
    دن پھرے ہیں فقط وزیروں کے

    ہر بلاول ہے دیس کا مقروض
    پاؤں ننگے ہیں بے نظیروں کے
    -Habib jalib

    Darkness as light, Hot desert wind as a morning breeze
    How can I write a human as God?

  3. Often we have been requesting that all well wishers of GBIANS need to play their role in the development of GB regardless of cast, colour, party and ethnic differences. It is really shocking for showing immature and childish behaviour in assembly. What and how can we expect with this type of leadership that all these would be at same page and same line in ensuring progress of GB. All of you should realize your responsibility. If all leadership could not deliver the services to GB at least you should confess your mistakes and should raise voice against corruption. After going through various news papers and witnessing the situation it seems that one group of leadership is opposing corruption verbally and other group is encouraging the corruption as the tangible steps are not taken to reduce this menace. Often we are proclaiming that now we have our own governance, is this self governance? Of course! We can say this is personal governance where every minister or leader is free to do whatever he or she wants whether that is lawful or unlawful ignoring all code of conducts. Really all well wishers of GB are up set and sad on this disintegration and childish action of GBLA members. For God sake, give up your personal hidden agendas and sit together to strengthen the whole GB across the boundaries. Election commissioner GB office is required to keepwatch on the activities of political leadership (Union council to GBLA) regarding their achievements and failures otherwise new generation would never spare to competent authorities from both sides leadership and management. We would request with supreme appealet court GB to make bound all the GBLA members to abide by the rules and regulations of assembly and constitution in the larger interest of GB

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