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Boat service in dammed Hunza River might come to a halt due to increase in level of sand deposits

MMS photographs showing the deposited sand
MMS photographs showing the deposited sand

Our Correspondent

Gulmit, May 4The journey of the shaky boats that connect Gojal Valley, upper Hunza, with the rest of the country may be cut short by the rising level of sand in the river bed located between Shishkat and Gulmit.

According to details the level of water has gradually decreased in the dammed Hunza River during the last several months, which is a good news for the residents of the disaster hit valley. However, the decrease in water level has created another problem, which might result in suspension of the boat service.

Local people told Pamir Times that a large amount of sand is getting deposited in front of Shishkat Village, which will within a couple of days make it difficult for the boats to operate. “The entire area will be filled with sand and the boats will not be able to move”, a local man named Hussain Shah told Pamir Times.

He said that the river is bringing sand from Hussaini and Gulmit and depositing it near Shishkat. The increase in amount of sand in this area has the potential to bring the boat service to a halt.

“If the boat services is suspended work on the construction of Tunnel may also be affected”, a local worker of CRBC (Chinese company) said, requesting anonymity.

The locals in Hunza have appealed to the district administration and the GB government to take notice of the situation and take appropriate contingency measures ahead of time.

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  1. The impact of the intentionally delay in release of dam water from Gojal Lake is ready to put the affactees into an unbelievable trouble as the huge dump of silt is now on high rise near Gulmit-Shishkat bridge. This pre planned delay was on the request of WAPDA to prolong the life of terbela dam. The former PM and the then Minister for water and power Mr. Pervez Ashraf (Raja Rental) congratulated Chairman WAPDA during the air view of attabad lake in 2010 and declared the attabad lake a God gifted asset and best source to store silt for many many years. The working strategy of FWO from day one is the evident of their plan to delay the execution work at spillway. Time and again FWO, WAPDA and NDMA propagated the danger of sudden burst out through their presentations, news conferences and meetings despite the fact that the high level delegation and experts invited by GOP from central China rejected 100% the possibilities of the sudden outburst of lake.A high resolution X-ray of the rocks on the edge were also conducted to confirm the volume of rocks.It is very strange that the GBLA avoided to pass a resolution in assembly to expedite work on release of water and rely on FWO engineered and fake presentation. A special committee formed by GBLA on request of Gojal early recovery plan group was established and surprisingly that committee failed to pay a single visit to spillway. The trade mafia supported of CM were proactive to cash the situation and to write off the billions of govt loans . The political leadership of Hunza oppressed the voices of the youth and activists and victimized/ convicted our youth on political based cases to silent the public opinion on release of water on urgent basis. After three years now Speeker has started cold war with CM and others to hide his complete failures. After all In result of all the mishap and interactiveness, the life and economy of our people of Gojal is on stake. God knows that how long this situation will prevail and when our area will come out of this man made disaster.

  2. DEAR K.D uncle , i fully agree with your analysis of the situation and will support u in every step for fighting for the rights of people of GOJAL.

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