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PMLN bigwigs lock horns in Gilgit-Baltistan

Asim Iqbal

Gilgit, May 16:Rifts have appeared in the ranks of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz in Gilgit Baltistan, where the local leaders have already started efforts to get important slots after PLMN emerged as a key party in the federal elections of Pakistan.

 Sources says that almost all the leaders of PML-N are eager to become next governor replacing Pir Karam Ali Shah. The party leaders not only trying to approach central leaders of the party to achieve their goal but they also have started media campaign against each other however party leadership has taken notice of the situation and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz(PML-N) has issued show cause notice to party leader and former  Chief Executive Gilgit Baltistan Mir Ghazanfer Ali Khan for his statements against the party’s local leadership. The party has advised Mir Ghazanfer to appear before disciplinary committee with in seven days with written reply.

In the show cause notice party has asked Mir Ghazanfer to explain why he criticized party’s provincial president Hafiz Hafeez ur Rehman in his recent statements published in local dailies.

The notice says that the use of derogatory language against the party leader ship is a serious matter and it is conspiracy to effect the party’s image among the public the notice also says that Mir’s statement about the governor office and assembly seats was wrong and against the party’s policy .The party also asked Mir Ghazanfer to issue his clarification statement to media.

Meanwhile, Sultan Madad, an important PMLN leader from Ghizer district has also said that he is the candidate for the slot of governor.

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  1. Ghazanfar and other elite members of PMLN do not understand the fact that PMLN is no more a party of anti Bhutto sentiments and a concubine of establishment. This part has evolved from an elite club to a mass party during the last 13 years.
    PTI might be a temporary stop for the burgers and elite till it changes it’s course of action from Gulberg to Goawal Mandi and Defense to Lalokhait. If it is done the elite has to wait for another PML to emerge.

  2. Its most unfortunate that everyone is trying to take over the seat of Governor but nobody is even willing to care about the problems of a common man. I think the root cause of all this i.e. Governorship, should be abolished as soon as possible as there is no need for such a post.
    (Na rahe bans or na baje bansuri)

  3. The common public have expectations from the newly elected party leaders to see change not in the shape of personalities but in the systems, people are not ready to accept traditional leaders who have made corruptions and created problems in the development of the region, there are expectations of Educated leadership, we hope Nawaz Sharif will keep on top meritocarcy.

  4. There will be an interesting situation in the Gilgit-Baltistan politics scenario. the next lead in GB will definitely be of PMLN in GB, But if PTI manages to hold opposition seats than there can be an opportunity hunt chance for GB wetrher to vote for PMLN or PTI? Through an opposition platform it would be a new venture to struggle for the rights of GB including constitutional status and all other rights, PTI is a new party with a new and fresh mandate. they can raise voice and struggle for GBians, Imran Khan’s stance twards Pak-China relationship and geographical importance of GB can lead benefits to the people of GB and its constitutional right. Moreover, at the same time the importance of role of central Govt cannot be denied.

  5. -Respected All,

    -We have to respect to all Parties but the leadership suggestion of GBs should be in an individuals who are above caste and creed. The individuals should have the the understanding of diversity and pluralism “whom do have a strong faith on win win situation” not only in the prospect of Pakistan but Globally.

    -Within the PML (N) there are only few who do look the present world with the glasses of modern wave length & that is Mr. ESSAN IQBAL. Whom I have great respect for his education political and global, geopolitical understanding of this great Country.

    -The educated community of GBs really want a change in personalities not faces only but looking the deed at least for the past 25 years.

    -GBs is actually the door to GAWADAR and entrance to a prosperity always lead through a door. My humble suggestion to the SHARIF Brethren and PML(N) in general they should very careful about political, administrative, bureaucratic & army placement for this global strategic place, that is now the bloodline of economy of OUR COUNTRY Pakistan.

    -The GBs are always loyal from ego to spirit and deed to achievements from December, 1947 till today 22nd May 2013 either in shape of HAV. Lalik Jan or Miss SAMINA KHEYAL Baig & Mirza Ali.If any one just share a single example of betraying that agreement / deed our ancetors done with this Country we are till date & time on it and Inshallah the GBIANS always are on the agreements and deeds that our ancestors done with the BA BA QUAID.

    In conclusion leadership change is a must for the PML-N in GBs and country for a better & safe Pakistan.

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