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Tableegh: Acceptance of diversity and love for tolerance are winners in Gilgit

Our Correspondents

Gilgit, June 10: A mammoth Tableeghi Ijtima (Congregation of Preachers) came as a fresh wave of happiness and joy for the people of Gilgit city in particular and the residents of Gilgit-Baltistan, in general.

Renowned preacher and scholar, Maulana Tariq Jamil, broke many taboos and won thousands of hearts by visiting Jamia Imamia Masjid in Gilgit city, symbolically and practically giving the message of peaceful co-existence, mutual-respect and appreciation for diversity.

Maulana Tariq Jamil prayed inside the Jamia Imamia Masjid and also addressed a large number of people who had gathered there to listen to him. Earlier he was given a warm welcome by followers of the Shia sect.

His gestures were heartily reciprocated by Imam Jumma-wal-Jammat of the Imamia Masjid, who attended the Tableeghi Ijtima, along with a large number of people from the Shia sect. Both leaders stressed on the people to work for harmony and follow the ethics of Islam in their daily lives.

A delegation of the Tableeghi Jamat also met members of the Shia Imami Ismaili Regional Council for Gilgit under the leadership of Maulana Attique-ur-Rehman. The Ismaili delegation was led by Col (r) Ubaidullah Baig, President of the Council and renowned scholar Aitmadi Fida Ali Aisar.

Many people from the Ismaili sect also attended the Tableeghi Ijtima to express solidarity and love for peace and harmony.

Social, political and religious leaders have termed this exchange of visits and expression of love and tolerance as a positive sign for the region’s peace. The positive gestures are also being seen as a rejection of the violent and hateful interpretations of Islam.

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  1. It’s indeed a good news and timely move in the right direction. I highly appreciate regional scholars to promote pluralistic values in picturesques GB. It is high time to accept & promote diversity in all its forms in GB. I am more than happy to see the scholars exchanging pleasantries & attending Congregation of Preachers in GB. This will usher a new era in promoting pluralistic values & peaceful coexistence among GBeans.

  2. Mula Na Tariq Jamil not only in PAKIISTAN, internationally he have High value respect.
    I hope his good good gesture will help to bring peace and harmony in Gilgit –Baltistan.
    The region Habitant will Again jell together and remain in peace to share and cope With there common
    hard ship and poverty.

  3. All such efforts and measure that promote peace, harmony and unity will be encouraged by the people of GB, we welcome and give enormous respect to all the leaders.

  4. Maulana Tariq Jamil is a great scholar , his efforts for peace in GB are really appreciated by GBians .

  5. Hats off to all people who work for the peace. Just for the information that, Ismaili delegation has also attended the Ijtima led by Fida Ali Esar sb.

  6. nonsense! this new romance is all aimed to push the wahabi school of thought to the walls. they are not as astute as they pretend to be. please read between the lines. this meeting heralds the dangerous days ahead. by the way why not hand over GB to agha and the moulana if they are the last angels of peace????

  7. Great effort for cultural and religious diversity. I hope such kind of congregations will further brought self respect and pluralistic thinking among people of Gilgit-Baltistan. Which would be a positive way to maintain peace in the region.

  8. A very positive step in the right direction, We hope this gesture by the Organizers of the Ijtima and Scholars would go a long way to help the people of Gilgit – Baltistan, bring peace, harmony and tolerance between the different sects of the Umma.

    Every one understand that the problem was created by the political parties and some other forces who want to divide the people because only then these are able to rule and work on their evil agenda.

    I hope that more positive steps would help to bridge the gape and damage done by the evil forces and our society would be able to respect each other and learn to co-exist in this pluralist world of today.

    I congratulate the organizers and the participants as well as the people of GB.

    Sher Karim

  9. This is a good gesture from all the sides and we wil always welcome such efforts which can lead us to peace in the region.

  10. Islam teaches us practicality. It does not rely on mere sayings and verbal statements. It is a good sign of integration amongst ummah as well as in diverse community of Gb. Pluralism and diversity has been considered a strength by well known scholars and religious leaders like His highness prince Karim Aga Khan.
    We really appreciates the efforts of all well wishers of GB and Maulana Tariq jamil and his team who demonstrated practically that is true essence of Islam, that they sit with all religious leaders to eliminate disintegration and discriminations amongst all communities. Aga Rahat, Qazi Nisar, and Itimadi Fida ali aisar are also appreciable in making this scenario conducive. we expect with all well known religious leaders to work more for the integration of Muslims ummah and condemn the acts which Islam does not allow.
    After Dr. Tahir ul Qadri I witnessed the Tariq Jamil sab as visionary all muslim ummah ‘s common religious leader. Please keep it up and replicate such models at country level as well where distances have increased amongst pakistanies.

  11. Indeed this is a superior indication and still well in time to move toward the right path. We highly appreciate all the scholars who took initiative to develop healthy infrastructure in the area. Simply this is called diversity. I wish one should highly respect each other and give hands together in the development of not only GB but throughout country.

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