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Terrorism: 9 foreign tourists and their two Pakistani guides killed by militants near Nanga Parbat

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“Government of Pakistan will make arrangements to transport the dead bodies to respective countries. Senior minister of the federal govt will accompany the bodies as a mark of respect”, said Chaudhary Nisar, while talking to the media, flanked by Chinese and Ukrainian ambassador.

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Dead bodies of the murdered tourists have been flown to Islamabad. Tight security measures have been taken around the Chaklala Air Base. The bodies will be sent to their respective countries, tonight or tomorrow, an official of the GB govt told Pamir Times.

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ReactionsPeople are condemning the terrorist act, asking the government to take strict action against the terrorists. You can also join to share your reaction to the heinous act of terrorism.

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The dead bodies of the victims of terrorism in Diamer are now being shifted to Chaklala Airbase, in Islamabad. Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan, Syed Mehdi Shah, and members of his cabinet had come to Gilgit airport while the bodies were being sent to Islamabad in C-130 military plane.

National Assembly of Pakistan has condemned the terrorist attack near the base camp of West Face of the Nanga Parbat mountain.

A dead body is being taken out of an Army helicopter in Gilgit
A dead body is being taken out of an Army helicopter in Gilgit

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Dead bodies of tourists killed at a site close to the base camp of the West Face of Nanga Parbat are being shifted to Gilgit, in an Army helicopter.

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Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan has convened a meeting of the regional cabinet at 3pm today to discuss the security situation.

According to some sources two Pakistani guides have been killed in the incident, taking the number of deceased to 11.

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Tehrik-e-Taliabn Pakistan’s Ehsanullah Ehsan has reportedly claimed in a phone call made to the BBC and Reuters that a sub-group named “Junood-e-Hafsa” has carried out the attacks.

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One Chinese tourist has, reportedly, been safely evacuated from the area.

Pakistani Interior Minister has said that the Federal Information Minister, Parvez Rasheed, will visit China along with the dead body of the Chinese tourist.

Islamabad, June 22: Ten tourists, including 5 Ukranians, 3 Chinese, one Russian and a Pakistani national, have been killed by unknown gunmen near the basecamp of the Diamer Face of Nanga Parbat, in Diamer District of Gilgit-Baltistan region.

“Generally the expeditions take this route, if they are trying to climb the Diamer Face (also known as West Face”, a local guide told Pamir Times. He said that expeditions reach to this area through the Bunar Nallah (stream).

The tourists were, reportedly, trying to climb the Diamer Face of Nanga Parbat.

Nanga Parbat is also known as the Killer Mountain, due to the fact that a very large number of climbers have lost their lives in avalanches and other natural incidents, while attempting to scale the 8 thousander.

It is for the very first time in the region’s history that mountaineers and tourists have been killed in such a heinous and brutal manner.

The region’s deputy Inspector General of Police, Ali Sher, has told the media that the entire region has been cordoned off and search for the assailants is underway with the help of choppers. He vowed to bring the culprits to justice.

Local tour operators have declared the tragedy to be a national tragedy and the last nail in the coffin of the region’s already ailing tourism industry.

The brazen terrorist attack has exposed yet again the regional government’s inability to protect the lives of innocent people. Last year around a hundred people were killed in different terrorist attacks and acts of sectarian violence in Kohistan, Diamer, Gilgit and the Babusar pass.

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  1. Where the hell Diamer Jirga is so far??? It is time to take a clean sweep military operation in this particular area(Diamer) of GB….

    1. Yes you are right…..There is no Diamar Jarga….This Jarga was first time established by ISI in this area to protect the killer of Shia Muslims passengers …….Now there is no Jarga warga in this area…the black sheeps in ISI is responsible for this act of terrorism…….first ISI officers should investigate….

  2. very tragic. now every tourist whether he is pakistani or foreigner will feel insecure before moving towards G.B. culprits must be searched and dealt severly.

  3. it is a big tragedy in the history of Gilgit Baltistan. it is a conspiracy against pak china railway, KKH extension project and make fail tourism industry in Pakistan. Govt should have provide security to foreigner and capture the militants who are involve in this serious action.

  4. Governamet of Pakistan and cheif justice of Pakistan take actions the killing of innocent Shia,s then these accident we never see again this type of accidents.ISI and other law and inforcement agences are responcebal.

  5. Where is so called law and inforcement agences of Pakistan?They are responseble.If Governamet of Pakistan and Cheif justice of Pakistan take action the killing of innocent Shia in Chilas,Khostan and Loloser.

  6. oh God kill these Terriorist
    we are going no where with these creeping creatures
    please save us from these freaks.

  7. May their soul rest in Peace,,,It,s so sad news to hear for me, My eyes become full with tears. I condem the cowrdly attack in the region of Gilgit Baltistan, Its totaly Inhuman and barbaric action aginst the inocent and brave people who came with a mission of climbing Nanga Parbat,,, The people of Gilgit Baltisan are very sad on this incident, We condem this attack..

  8. These criminals and their affiliates don’t care about instability in the region as well as collapse of local and national economy because they still get huge amount of money from their big brothers from Arab countries to spread talibanization and wahabism. Pakistanis should not expect more from crippled government.

  9. For Gbains,,, At least We Shuld Think About and rec ocnider this so called Affiliation with terorist Country,,,, no one is safe here… This is Gift of New Govt of(Israil, us,, Arab Stdupid kings).. Plz lets hav a change in up coming elections and support any one of our nationalist group.. instead of paki pro political parties..

  10. From the history of Pakistan we learn that there are international elements that do not tolerate the existence of Pakistan. They want to cripple Pakistan economically and smear its face in front of international communities. These elements are float funds like anything to buy Pakistanis for terrorism and even for putting hurdles in other fields of development, like construction of Kalabagh and Diamer Basha Dams. Pakistan should expose these element and propagate it as other countries are doing against Pakistan.

  11. We all GBIANS are very sad and upset on this terrible and tragic incident. These guests were means of our source generation and building bridges at global level. Diamer was famous and popular due to its hospitality. It was said that the people of Diamer used to protect of their guests at the cost of their own life. Now this ethos and value has been challenged by such incidents. We all know the intruders may be outsiders as well but the place of GB Diamer Pakistan was used. All civil society forums, social forums, Govt institutions and religious institutions needs to work more to minimize such dangers. At village level, tehsil level, district level monitoring bodies and law enforcement agencies need to be more alert to avoid such incidents. We all know the drown attacks are illegal and unjustified but its answer should be given through encountering it. It is irrational and inhuman action to kill the people who are providing benefits through their adventurous campaign to the world.

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