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Hunza: Birjees Tahir wants punishment for police officials involved in killing of father and son in Aliabad

Different scenes of the events of 11 August 2011 in Aliabad, Hunza

Different scenes of the events of 11 August 2011 in Aliabad, Hunza
Different scenes of the events of 11 August 2011 in Aliabad, Hunza

Kamran Ali

Hunza, July 5: Birjees Tahir, Federal Minister for Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir Affairs has advised the Chief Secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan to finish cases registered against dozens of people in Hunza Valley after the killing of two people in Aliabad. He has also said that inquiry report of a judicial commission that investigated the murder of IDP father and son on 11th August 2011 to be made public. The federal minister has expressed disappointment over the delays in rehabilitation of the people affected by the Attabad Landslide disaster and the resultant damming of Hunza River.

He has promised severe punishment for the police officials involved in the murder of the Sherullah Baig and his son, while they were protesting in Aliabad town of Hunza.

Murder of the father and son had triggered violent protests in the entire valley in which several government offices were torched and police officials were beaten up by the angry mob. Key members of the GB government, including Speaker Wazir Baig, Finance Minister Muhammad Ali Akhtar and Law Minister (now Judge) Wazir Shakil had assured the public then that justice will be served. However, despite of the lapse of almost two years no progress has been made in the case.

DSP Babar Ali, the most senior officer present at the murder site, was promoted to the rank of Superintendent of Police and the findings of a judicial report were never made public, despite of umpteen promises.

There are fears that the PPP led government is trying to bury the case in order to save the interests of key government and administration officials.

The Federal Minister was briefed about different projects underway in the Hunza Valley, including the efforts to drain the dammed Hunza River. He visited the region along with Chief Secretary, Federal Secretary Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan disivion, Shahidullah Baig and other key government officials.

3 thoughts on “Hunza: Birjees Tahir wants punishment for police officials involved in killing of father and son in Aliabad

  1. It is too early to expect miracles from the new PML (N) government. We should first insist to make public long awaited inquiry report that must lead us to the real conspirators who ordered to fire at the innocent people. Shooting at at gathering of 30 t0 40 protesting empty handed and calamity hit people can not be a single act of a DSP and his guard. It appears the heinous act was carried out to forever silence any voice raising against massive corruption and embezzlement in the name of affectees’. Only time will tell us about the new governments’ sincerity and commitment in fixing the responsibility of the mournful incident of 8/11

  2. I agree with Mr. Karim Dad but there is a hope that situation will be change if we enforce the GB govt and GB Administration to expedite the process as the case against the then Administration of Hunza/Nagar and GB Govt is already in Chief Appellate Court and due to unjustified delay in this very serious matter, condemn of court is levid on these culprits. Mr. Wazir Shakil who was the part of this corrupt govt who personally admitted that the incident was due to the mistake of H/N Administration and promised to public the judicial inquiry report is now a senior judge of Chief Appellate Court and how we can expect justice from such person who has been appointed, purely on political basis. It is time to be united and fight for our right.

  3. The worst human rights violation and unforgettable incident in the history of Hunza in a socalled democratic govt and champion of public voice recalls the helplessness of the people of Hunza as well as the political representatives of Hunza who have not only kept silent but used all the possible resources of state to oppress and suppress the voice of the youth by chalking baseless and political based cases under ATA act.It is very much true that the corrupt ppp govt of GB will try its best to bury this very sensitive matter. For instance Wazir Shakil who was Law Minister of this corrupt mafia has been appointed Judge of Chief Appellate Court purely on political basis and no one can expect that he will open the case which is already in Chief Appellate Court and everyone knows that after making the judicial inquiry report public, the heinous face of the GB govt and the then Hunza/Nagar Administration and the main characters of this conspiracy against the people of Hunza will be badly exposed . It is time to be unite and enforce the GB Govtat every step to open the case and punish the culprits as there is no way out for this corrupt mafia frther delay this case.

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