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Wazir Jafar criticizes Federal Secretary “for meddling in provincial affairs”, demands his replacement

Asim Iqbal

Isalmabad: Senior provincial minister Muhammad Jaffar has blamed that federal secretary Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Shahid Ullah Baig is involved in conspiracies against the people of the region but the provincial government would foil all his efforts which are being made with the aim to make the people slave, once again, of federal bureaucracy.

Talking to media he said bureaucracy was planning to create food shortage in the region by reducing the wheat quota which would be resulted in unrest across the region.

“if the wheat quota is cut by the center the people of the region will be brought on roads” he threatened.

Praising the political decision of prime minister regarding Gilgit Balitistan and Azad Kashmir he said that democracy would become more strong by acceptance the people’s mandate but some elements were trying to impair the harmony between the region and center.

He accused Shahid Ullah Baig of being head of “the group that wants to see the center and regional government indulge in feuds by creating differences between both governments”.

He demanded of the federal government that Shaid ullah Baig should be replaced by any honest officer.

6 thoughts on “Wazir Jafar criticizes Federal Secretary “for meddling in provincial affairs”, demands his replacement

  1. So called politician like Mohammad Jaffar are a curse for GB. Government of Pakistan spends Rs. 9000 per capita in GB compared to Rs. 90 in Karachi. These stupid, ignorant and corrupt so called politicians with their hands in glove with Government officials in GB steal majority of this money and no tangible progress can be seen on ground. Shahidullah Baig is a well known bureaucrate for his honesty, commitment and competence. There is a good chance that perhaps Mr. Baig might be impeding the corrupt practices of such stupid politicians and therefore he is being targeted. This latest government of PPP under people like Mohammad Jaffar will prove to be the last nail in the coffin of PPP and people like Mohammad Jaffar behind bars.

  2. Interesting statement by Senior Wazir..”Ulta Chor Kotwal ko dhante”
    Everybody is familiar with the drama happening on day to day basis by these corrupt wazirs who never tolerate the honest and dedicated officers of Gb rather they make their gang with corrupt officers who make commission for them. Childish statement. Stop this otherwise better to dissolve this mafia assembly at the earliest that has lost its moral authority and failure in exercising the power given to them by the people

  3. Jaffer sab ! It is shocking to notice the blaming culture and huge gap amongst professionals and political leadership of GB or federal Govt. Both of you are the sons of GB soil and its development and growth is prime and foremost obligation of both of you. There may be difference of opinions on any issue but it should be based on rationale and sound grounds. Minister sab you have mentioned that Shahidullah baig is making the loss of Gb through reducing the wheat quota. In this regard I would expect that Shahid sahib would never made sufferer the GB by reducing quota. Of course this is his prime responsibility as secretary of GB and kasmir to ensure that whether the existing available quota is being distributed transparently and fairly. I would say no and never. Many times I have invited and challenged the Food minister and his team to convince me that why they have been kept us deprived by our own share and we had to lost our 10 million amount by purchasing flour 20 to 35 Rupees per kg in Blake from bazaar due to not getting our own share on 10 and 16 rupees per kg. Is this final solution that we should approach to Courts to get our own share? If this proper distribution of wheat is the duty of court and then what is the usage of having food ministry and food department. The purpose of sharing these realities and experiences is reform of systems. I have written directives of two food secretaries to director regarding the solution of this issue but after four year still is in pending. This is the ground reality of food ministry and department. If one muhallah consisting of 622 householders has to lost their 10 million rupees in four years what would be the loss ratio of 1 lac 50 thousand house holders of GB. The senior management and leadership need to work more to streamline the systems to ensure proper service delivery to public especially food ministry and water management as both are linked basic human rights. Its violation should not be tolerated by responsible authority.

    At last I would say all leadership and professionals needs to be on same page to attain common goal that is development of GB and working for constitutional right.

    Prior to this I had also noticed gap amongst professionals especially secretaries and political leadership and following expectations were highlighted in pamir times.

    This has been earnest desire of every well wisher and intellectual of GB to have a peace and development in the area. To achieve this common goal every stake holder need to be on same line and page.

    I was shocked to notice that there is a big gap amongst leadership and professionals of GB. Daily news papers are filled with such types of stories where blaming culture is depicted.

    I would never say who is right and who is wrong. I would do say what is wrong as society reformer or social scientist.

    Frequently I have elaborated about good governance principles and needs of its implementations. So far it has improved 0 to 10 percent in some departments. Still it needs to incorporate 90 % in our daily and Govt. Offices routines to streamline the systems. This credit goes to Chief Secretary and his team, if political leadership is cooperating them and encouraging them in streamlining the systems it is also appreciable.

    The development of GB depends on the professionalism of secretaries and visionary leadership of political leaders. To ensure any development in GB both groups need to be on one page to service delivery effectively and efficiently. It seems that both groups are reluctant to accept each other. Ultimately public suffers due to their disintegration and misunderstandings on various development plans and programmes. We expect both groups, leadership and management to accept one another and rationalize their difference of opinions through professionally and logically.

    The notion of becoming Boss is condemned and discouraged in modern society. Every administrator needs to become a dynamic leader. Once there was a time when it was said by Boss “ Do or die but don’t say why” while leader says “ obey intelligently”.

    It would be dishonesty if I would not share the case studies from both sides. I mean need to change behaviour from both sides.

    • Case study from political leadership side: Ten years ago I got chance to sit with a well known political figure who was also our MNA for 30 minutes in his office. During this time he called more than 30 times to Govt. Officers for posting, appointment, promotions and accomplishment of tasks of his voters. When I observed him closely I asked him that you are the leader of area not individuals when you would develop plans for area, he frankly and politely told me now my speed has become slow otherwise I was remembered all the important numbers of Govt. executives. This shows that political leadership is compelling the professionals to do illegal and unlawful favour. If the professionals honours such request or phones it means they also involved in corruption and violating the policies.
    • General findings or improvement Areas from Political Leadership side:
    *Some Political leaders only focus the area of their voters and individuals that needs to be changed. They are the leaders of the area and all people whether any individual has casted vote for him or not. Leader should be beyond of these limitations and boundaries.

    * Some Political leaders work for only party workers that is against the basic human rights.

    * Some political leaders tease and torture the opponent officers and favour the party relevant officers which create disintegration and hate ness against the leadership and such oppressive officers or individuals become the victim of violence at all stages.

    * Some political leaders compel the officers to do unlawful and illegal work such as granting contractor ship or create a post etc.

    *Some leaders confine themselves in prejudices like cost, colour, region and ethnic as well. All are leaders of GB and they should be broad minded in launching various development programmes. .i e in educational perspective Diamer district is most back ward especially in female education all leaders should be on same page to develop that area or district.
    * Male students in Diamer =19523 Female students =3394 (Govt. EMIS 2011-12)

    * Male students in Gilgit =20629 Female students =22054

    This comparison shows that to what extent Diamer needs help in education like wise there may be many remotest and backward areas as well that needs to be considered to resolve their emerging issues.

    * We were glad and expecting that we would get constitutional right in GB but now instead of it we are asked to pay the tax. Some MNAS are commenting on it in news papers I would say why they are not raising voice in GB assembly.

    Findings and improvement Areas from professional (secretaries) sides:
    * There is always room for improvement; no body can claim his / her perfection except God. But being professionals it is the duty of executives or officers to be more accountable and fair and transparent in their office routines or assuming duties as they are more learned and skilful member of society compare to a specific time leader. His professionalism and education demands him or her to be well versed Islamic values as well as universal values. When I shared it more than ten offices I was told it is
    Pakistan you can not expect with us to be streamline the system. I don’t know who have forbidden us to follow the golden principles of Islam that is accountability, tolerance, peace and harmony, equality, fairness, rule of law and transparency these are also universal values and pillars of good governance as well. As professionals, why are violating these principles. Secretaries need to be more accountable and fair in their office routines.

    *There is no follow up mechanism of emerging issues. I have some written directives of 4 executives and secretaries for last three years to address the certain issues that are not honoured by their subordinates. These issues are related to basic human rights not personal. I am astonished that what is uses of these offices or officers that are not obeyed. It seems that there is no rule of law prevailed in society and amongst staff. If I would mentioned the names of officers or secretaries this would be none- professional approach. My purpose is reform of the systems not hit to the individual; if this would be continue at any stage I would have to mention it.

    Here is moral obligation of secretaries to ensure rule of law and motivate the leaders through professionalism.
    *Today I was reading that contractors threatened the finance secretary in his office, I would suggest the leaders should discuss the issues with professionals and they should satisfy such groups, if the contractors have completed their task through proper system they should be paid if they have not followed than they should be convinced logically and rationally.
    * It is noticed that in offices there are certain people who are working as agent and bargaining with people for jobs and appointments. It is also noticed that some office staff are openly demanding for amount to completing legal task whether it is AGPR or Govt. Offices. If it is reality than what is the duty of department head who is heading that office. In such cases can we deserve to call Muslim or true Pakistani. I would say never God will never send his angels to forbade us and make us conscious’ as already in Holy Quran it is stated that do not become dishonest in dealings of Allah, his prophet peace be upon him, and amongst yours dealing as well.”
    Why we are committing dishonesty as daily I notice that Govt office timing is 8 o clock but no any office opens at 8 , o clock except top management. I was also sharing this with GAD responsible authority why they are deceiving the people through circular to open offices at 8 and close at 4 pm. actually it is not happening.
    The Holy Quran says “.” Why are thou saying that is not followed by you.”

    The ultimate objective of this detail discussion is to appreciate the good efforts made by all individuals whether that may be from leader’s side or management side.

  4. Probably Mr. Jaffer is no longer allowed to pocket in funds and carry on the legacy of corruption.

  5. “He demanded of the federal government that Shaid ullah Baig should be replaced by any honest officer.”

    He is the only grade 22 secretary from GB right now with no political affiliations what so ever. Which speaks volumes about his honesty, dedication and hard work. I think Mr.Jaffer should get his facts straight.

  6. This whole idea and practice of wheat subsidy and supply needs to be revisited and reexamined in the best interest of people of GB.

    I understand the federal and GB government can come up with alternative option/s of bringing barren land under cultivation that may demonstrate a sustainable solution at least for over a decade.

    For that the government may undertake mapping exercises to identify potential locations for wheat production.

    In my view some of the best locations in terms of large piece of land for wheat are in Jutal in Gilgit, Thorgo in Skardu, Gulapur in Shiger, Saling in Khapulu, Bonji, Passu in Hunza, Punyal, Yasin and Iskomen valleys.

    Certainty these land require grant to build irrigation facilities and preparation of land that include flood control structures, removal of boulders, and leveling of land with top soil surfacing.

    I don’t understand the views reflected in the news above, why a senior officer Mr. Shahid Ullah Baig will be involved in conspiracies against the people of the region? He is one of the very few exceptional competent officers works at the national level with his roots in GB.
    I guess there is some misunderstanding that needs to be removed!

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