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Doctors’ strike: Personal Clinics, OPDs to remain shut across Gilgit-Baltistan

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Gilgit, January 8: Doctors and paramedical staff across Gilgit-Baltistan will keep Outpatient Services at hospitals. Personal clinics will also remain closed. Those defying the decision of the Gilgit-Baltistan chapter of the Pakistan Medical Association will be fined and boycotted by the medical fraternity.

These decisions were announced by leaders of the PMA Gilgit-Baltistan today at a press briefing. The protesting Messiahs said that their symbolic protest in favor of their rights has not yielded results and that they were forced to take the extreme step due to government apathy. The press briefing was addressed by Dr. Abdul Rehbar and Dr. Farman Ullah, among others.

It is pertinent to note that the doctors and paramedical staff in Gilgit-Baltistan have been demanding pay raise and facilities at par with the perks and privileges enjoyed by their fellows at the Federal level. The GB government had assured them that their demands will be met but no action has been taken to materialize this demand.

The strike and closure of services will affect poor patients who visit government hospitals across the region.

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  1. I was reading in the news paper that
    CM had assured to met their demands by January 4,2014 but this commitment was
    not honored. Gb having mountainous are is more tough compare to federal area.
    Our mountainous areas Doctors should treat equally to Federal Doctors if not
    given more incentive at least these should get their due rights. We all GBIANS
    appreciating the efforts of Chief secretary and his team on taking bold
    steps to make GB corruption free zone. At the same time it was shocking that some
    figure heads ( so called ministers) were favoring the corrupt elements and
    corruption. By these figures heads what can we expect for better future of GB.
    I would openly say that such types of figures heads should be discouraged
    adversely who are dealing at the cost of future generation. We salute all those
    top management and leaders who are demolishing the idols of nepotism,
    favoritism, regionalism, nationalize and sectionalism as well. These are social
    evils that have engulfed the whole area. We would request to respected
    chief secretary and his team to investigate about illegal
    appointments in all departments to eradicate the corruption from zone and lay
    foundation of good governance.

  2. As per tradition announcements were being made by the govt officials, with no practical implementation of what’s being said..
    Sometimes blunt decisions have to be taken,
    Fight for the Right is the Right of every citizen,

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