Access to clean drinking water remains a challenge in Naltar

people have to walk for miles to fetch clean drinking water
Naltar: People have to walk for miles to fetch clean drinking water. Photo: Asghar Khan 

Naltar Valley is beautiful and famous among skiers and tourists but the residents are facing various difficulties. Thousands of people visit the valley every year and spend a lot of money but that has, unfortunately, not resulted in social uplift and any apparent change in the quality of life of the people. 

Naltar: A young boy carrying two huge cans walks in the snow to fetch water. Photo: Asghar Khan 

Even today, people are forced to walk for miles with donkeys to fetch drinkable water. This is despite of the fact that the distance from Gilgit city to Naltar is not more than 20 kilometers.

Naltar: The modes of transportation available to the people are still traditional. Photo: Asghar Khan 

The level of seriousness required for putting in place processes and mechanism for turning tourism into a source of development, improvement of the quality of life of the people, do not exist. Therefore, the people living in the beautiful valleys continue to suffer despite of their region’s massive natural appeal and potential.

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