Foundation stone of youth club’s office laid in Hussaini village

By Ghulam Nasir

Hussaini, May 24: Foundation stone of the Shah Talib Youth and Sports Club’s office building was laid here today. Member district council of Gilgit, Shehbaz Khan performed the ceremony, in presence of notables of the village, members of various community organizations and officials of the Tehsil Sports Association.

Shehbaz handed over Rs 50, 000 to club officials, promising to give another equal amount in the near future. He also announced 0.1 million rupees for construction of a water channel in Hussaini. Office of the Ayin Abad (Shishkat) sports club will be opened shortly, according to the member of district council.  

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  1. the sports group in every village are the gangs of shah baz khan, nothing else, and these so called announcements are just the part of their election campaign, as mir sab announced bride from many decades to the people of hussaini and passu and than nothing after election.

  2. We totally oppose his established sports group or club in Husssaini or somewhere else too. What are the objectives to establish these sports group? Has you observed the past experiences? Is this the need of the people of Hussaini, where a series of problems, even no basic facilities are available for the community, education, health, telephone, infrastructure, electricity etc?

    Education is the most urgent need of the village people, where a middle school pc-4 is on pending for last two years, students are walking to another village 16 hours daily, we lost our two students lives and two disabled in the accidents on KKH.
    No basic health care service in the village or first aid etc.

    Due to the advancement of the glacier hazard people are suffering from many decades and there is shortage of irrigation water in the village, people are paying around 1,50,000 thousand rupees every year for both drinking and irrigation water.

    Our youth and students are just using for their self interest, our so many students left their education and involved in these so called sports groups, what’s the situation of our education level, our 80% students are studding in Karachi and no any male student in Karachi University from Hussaini for last three years. The series of cricket tournaments in Gojal (Passu, Sost and Chapurson), students left their studies there and try their best to participate in these tournaments, where a tournament takes almost one month, is this not a wastage of time or they throwing their future career in “Koda Cricket”?

    Everyone is aware of these so called announcements are just the part of their coming election campaign, as from decades mir sab announces bridge for Zarabad and Khuramabad for the people of Hussaini and Passu and than after election nothing……………?

  3. Its good news for the young and olders of Hussaini people for initiating youth sports in village that the skills of youth in leisure time would spend in different sports which also nurtures their good health.Good health is symbol of good brain.

    Sports is must for youngsters to show their hidden potential skills and they become responsible citizens of community.

    We thank to government and local people’s effort to establish Shah Talib youth sports in Hussaini Village and thanks for Member of District Council Gilgit who generously announce for 0.1 Million for Water channel in Hussaini.The water was the core issue of Hussaini people. It was a hope which they waited for decades for water to use for drinking and irrigation.
    It should not just a announcement but it would be promise because there are many examples of announcements and verbal agreements which brooked by one side of party of agreements.

    We hope and would effort to work for our people with sincerity.good initiate for Hussaini people

  4. well intiative by Hussaini team.. its geat to initiate such a step in the prosperity of youth.. wish them all the best in future time. its requested to thye president of GTSA to take a look on the situation of Gulmit for the betterment of youth.

  5. Congratulation to shah talib sports club.
    hope the fund will handed over to is the last year of shahbaz tenyor and the first project to hussaini.we know there are many crutial problems in village one of themis the project of govt. school which is incomplete till today after 4 years.why,,,,?
    we know there is an umbrella organization in hussaini which is called HOLD (hussaini organization for local development) which is the head of all the commetties.they have to think about such problems which is our main need.

  6. Dear Honorable Sahboz Khon Member District Gojal
    What a timing, to make vote banks, but you should not worry, they will always, support you as there is no one to contest against you. It is because no one fit the criteria, to be the member.
    • He who infiltrate truth from lies.
    • He who has good record in driving (good Driver) because then he will be able to drive the community in a better direction because he is expert in driving.
    • Next he must have some connection with the most renown and famously respectable people around, with good reputation(importers and exporters(specialization in the unique way used in North))
    • Must have any kind of relation or should be called KaKa, Mir, Bapo, Thrumpa, etc
    • Must have fabulous record of abusing and using abusive word to the local, violating the norms.
    • Can use any means to become the member, comfortable with violence and cheating
    • That the if there is any chance of any law involvement, he should have the power to stop , or in other word the Low should be in his pocket
    • He should not come in or under any law, or accountability.
    • He who had good connection with different center political powers.
    So Dear , why are you spending, so much of you money on such pity activities, you are the winner dear, As the whole area are still resting , they are asleep
    Support Raja Shabaz as he is the one the only leader……….

  7. Dear Musofer,
    I think lets take it a positive step on the basis of “something is better than nothing” doesn’t matter even if it is an election campaign and as Mr. Sharif Khan has rightly mentioned the need of sporting activities how important it is for the youth instead of involving in other unhealthy activities.
    when you go to the small hotels in our villages you would notice many of our youths not only from Hussaini but from every village playing cards, lodo, and busy with useless talks, WHAT ABOUT THAT TIME, WHAT ABOUT THAT LOSS, HAVE YOU EVER TAKEN NOTICE OF THAT AND CALCULATED THAT WASTAGE OF TIME?.

    and i do agree with you about all other basic problems faced by the Hussaini community.

    Nauroze Shah
    Kabul, Afghanistan

  8. Ali rehmat have taken nice step on this becouse we know sport is very important for youth health but mostly our youth are engaged with the differents Games its ok . situation is another wihich the election is near that y shahbaz khan is supporting funds only for a part of games because he has need help from youth for election .
    Why shahbaz khan is not supporting the funds for education and health facilities becase its our need .

  9. What a joke…. when ministers were met in Islamabad to demand for additional seat for Hunza particularly Gojal….. that was a election compaign but now after 5 years a peny of amount is given to Hussaini is a excellent step. i was just surprised by the comments from Norooz on these two posts…. Please be visionary and think strategically. Those appreciating are actually trying to safeguard the corruptions made by MDC during last five years. We have witnessed such sports clubs in past actually working for some agenda… we have also witnessed such people in unlike activities within the society… ?You all are well aware of it….

  10. Changing is important in the society or in the community.without functioning nothing will happen it is good to see a new step and i hope that the youth and the leader of our future also focused the important and the basic need of our village.that initiate is good it create the understanding among the people.Sport is good for health but also focus some other issues which is most important as compared to sport.Mr shehbaz focus some other issues.Some guys who have a misperception about the youth of hussain i request them to refresh their mind and put a positive word on screen.i also request those who are very near to shebaz to make some different.Where i am agree to disagree this is democracy,and freedom of experession.
    Best Wishes

  11. Congratulation to Hussaini Sports club, but make sure it will be better for the new young guys to take care their health and envirment. i very happy that Mr Shahbaz reached on the that stage to do something for the People of Gojal. but am not confident that he will do better for comming future. because next coming election he’s preparing for his campain through some fulish persons.

    In my point of view we need change the leaders who were fulished the people. coming election it’s up to us how can find a new leader to work our area in honesty and sencerity……..



  12. Karim, yes we all need a change, why don’t you come forward put your visionary and strategical thoughts together and lead and serve the people?, it’s not only 5 years of corruption its right from the beginning as far as my memory goes, WHERE IS THE CHANGE, WHEN CAN WE EXPECT THAT CHANGE to really happen. The corrupted members or leaders are not fallen vertically on us, they are elected members not for the first time, who have elected them, YOU and ME off course, now is the TIME you use your vision and come forward my vote will definitely be for you. We saw some changes in the past in the form of Hajat Muhammad and others, what did they do for people, i didn’t see them at all in my village soon after the results of the election were announced.

    We are all still waiting for that additional seat as well as those JOBS promised by the minister to our those members.


  13. a great one for hussaini but we ar well aware of shoboz it s time of election so he s doing this and agree wth sofer bt if u ar member of gysc u will b happy to know a big change n this club the brokers of shoboz are no ware in knw

  14. Dear Nouroz…..

    Nice and emotional response. That is really great. i was expecting that your will roleback from your extended support to MDC. Yes i am interested and will do it for sure… but at the same time request you to come forward…. very realistically we can not compair the 3 years of Hajat Muhammad with the 32 Years of Raja or am wrong… secondly thinking at village level has ceased our unity i am sure you will agree….? I still remembers once a similar compaign was promoted even by our educated youth like you… please be careful… establishing such organizations at village level is also a trick to once again to create a rift among villages of Gojal…. i would suggest we should openly reject such steps at the immediate time of election and compel these people to talk about an aditional seat for Hunza particularly Gojal…. This sould be our demand at this critical and crucial time…. Such minor things can happen at later stages even from the District Sports Fund and could be moblized by any CSO. I am also aware of your political views and can say we are on the same pace and page

  15. My Request!!!!!
    The report and aftermath was really a pity infertile, I was the eye witness of the scene, I am requesting from the youth of the Hussaini to kindly don’t manipulate the things with out having the real information. It would be my request from the youth of Hussaini to please think and struggle for the positive-ness, infrastructural development, and educational development before going to excel in sports. Yes of course, sport is pivotal to us, but the gigantics are others which are more concerning and chronic to address in the coming years ahead.

    At the time of its execution, I have already putted my reservations about the entire procedure, even the procedure was inappropriate but I think we have to discuss the matter at our youth’s platform not on internet or so. I am thankful of those who left there comments on this site regarding the initiatives taken by our youth to constructing office for sports committee. I appreciate their good wishes and loving aspirations but it is not a political venture nor do we allow them to do so.
    Please the Sisonics! Don’t manipulate the environment nor criticize anybody without any concrete evidence, it all happened by the youth of our village not by some political figure.

  16. we are not against of any sports club, not manipulating anything wrong, these are the issues we all are observing in last many years, Shah Talib sports is already established there, this is now shoboz sports group, where salim haider is leading this group for their self interest and benefit, What are the contribution of mir and raja in the field of education and other development in the region, mir sab also constructed a so called stadium in passu just to get the favour of youth…?

    I think PT is only platform to discuss the issues to ware our youth about their activities going on in the valley. we have to use this platform and to unite at one agenda for the coming future leadership, where we can put forward a educated member not the persons from “pada lika punjab”.
    we have to think for our future generation.

  17. main bikol itifaq karta hoon ki shabaz sb ne tik kia hain,, comment’s deny waloon ka sport’s se koe taloq nai hain..

  18. Mr. Ali Rehmat(Musafir),
    You are free to explore your ideas and good intentions at any platform not only PT but around the globe. What about Hussaini and there youth? How many of them are using this site to understand things well, the persons whom we are focusing are not part of this debate. I have also the same feelings as what you have pointed out, but what is my observation? it is not the issue whether Shah Talib Sports Club should establish its office in Hussaini or not but I have strong observation on the Land which has been used to this purposes, it is quite sensitive, if you just talk to HOLD General Secretary and President than they will update you from the real gesture. This was the point which I do not want to manipulate at this level. I think we know the development of Hussaini and its progress as we both have had gone through the consequences.

  19. progress needs competition.For competition there are many some factors are required that are infrstracture and human capacity would be available.if govt support us thorugh diffeant chanal like establishing sports club and announcement for water chanal. its good news that our villages representive done good effert to make sucess this sports club and for announcing for water chanal. In last we says some thing is beter then nathing. Our youth will utlize their extra time in sports instead other activies. some of our friends oppose this initiative of Sports club . we should not make it politize.we appreciate Jalil Saheb’s comment.

  20. Dear Jalil, I repespect and agree with your every views, we all are observing there is fund for sports only, other than there is no fund for any development project, why our school is incompelete in last 4 years? and may you observed that who is geting this sports fund every year, not the sports only other funds too, shahbaz is proving fund to a person who is nither UC member nor the member of other committies, . thanks for your support on this issue and hope we will solve this issue through HOLD representatives.

  21. Brather Man!
    Since long we have not been on table discussion and I feel a comprehensive talk on the subjects are needed. I suggest the entire youth should participate such sessions to strengthen the HOLD. This is just a window which has elaborated here, many more are on the chronic sides.
    I think we should end the debate here with this saying that “lets agree to disagree”.
    With well wishes and regards.
    Mohammad Jaleel

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