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GECA launches website


Gojal Educatonal and Cultural Association (GECA) has launched its official website. URL of their website is

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  1. impressive work by GECA. one suggestion ! your website is not fully representing all communities living in Gojal valley, if you add some information about other communities that will be great…



  2. It is indeed a good effort by the GECA web and IT incharge Hidayat Ali Shah to launch a website for the organization.he has completed this work in very short time since he was newly elected for this will ultimately play a big role in the development of the organization, in the provision of services and as a source for will come up with the needs of the organization.currently it is in the process of development and all suggessition should be looked at seriously for its betterment

    sher khan

  3. Well Done by IT Team of GECA, Congratulations to the newly elected Cabinet of GECA for their hard workd and dedication.

    I would suggest all of you to move ahead slowly with sustaining approach.


    Shah Zaman

  4. credit goes to Mr. Hidayat Ali Shah Incharge IT & Web Site for his experties, well Done my friend.
    best wishes

    Ali Anwar
    Diallog CDMA

  5. Good work GECA and specially Hidayat. I know he was very much committed to this taks from the very scratch and finally did it. Congratulations and hope it will be kept updated and live.



  6. congratulations for taking yet anather right step forward. Your vision will inhallah receive a wider attention/appeal and benifit the society as a whole. Keep it up and stay the course.

  7. That is a very nice and simple site to see,
    Few words, please correct few details by asking or making responsible few people from different villages.
    Like not a clear information regarding the overall history.
    Names and when the settlement started, villages and places.
    History of older settlements and then the second phase expansion and intrusion of Mir and settlement of Brushu in the areas.
    Next details about Wakhis living in China, Tajikistan and Wakhan.
    Please it’s important to make GECA and more representative one because its mentioned in GECA’s vision and mission.

  8. Congrates to the all team to make this site updated.i am very happy to listen that the webside is launched.I hope it will be remain updated.i pray for the future of this webside.this is another step towards better for this webside.
    With Best wishes
    Hussain Nasir
    Chipurson gojal

  9. Hidayat and his team has done a marvelous job providing another space on the world wide web for our people.

    It is now every body’s duty to contribute with quality material to make this site a success. I hope that this site plays vital role for our youngsters for sharing ideas, information, knowledge, news, views, highlight real issues, suggest solutions, and preach peace, love and harmony with communities within the region and also the international community.

    This is our moral duty to keep this site free of bias and make it a source of information which is of supreme quality and beneficial for our new generations. I hope we will attract new talent who will move GECA forward and make it a true representative platform for our coming generations.

    We always welcome your suggestions to improve GECA and this web site.

  10. Our competent and compassionate youth sometimes surprise their elders with the talents embedded in them, by their consistent endeavors and priceless efforts which polishes their creative skills.Congratulations for creating a new website.

  11. After a long period, I got an opportunity to spare a little time in going through in some of the most important news items of and the comments in response to them on the PT.

    I’m delighted to know that the previous GECA office bearers, unlike WTCA, have handed over the collective and subtle responsibility of social governance of this region-based organization to the second generation of organizational leadership soon after completion of their tenure. My sincere gratitude, therefore, goes to the previous team leaders and executive members of GECA including Maj[R] Ejaz, Mr. Darjat Ali, Mr. Zafar Iqbal. Likewise, my sincere congratulations to the new team-leaders of GECA including Farman Ali, Tayib Jan, Waheed Murad and others for taking the responsibilities which is, of course, a heavy social burden to spare time, money, knowledge and skill, and above all earning and yearning the trust of the community particularly the young generations.

    I hope that the new leadership under Farman Ali would take an inclusive/integrated approach and play a facilitative role to our students. In this regard, I must cite that Tayib Jan himself has been an experienced teacher, and also educator of teachers who can better understand the students’ affairs, their psyche and expectations, as it sounded the students have some resentments or reservations or otherwise, as this organization was initially a students’ initiative; and therefore, there could be a little reservation on their behalf in terms of acknowledgement and inclusiveness. I am a witness as, I had also been consulted by a couple of students’ representatives in the initial phase. I think that I should say that the root and inception of students’ gathering goes back to 2000 when for the first time (if amm not wrong), students of Gojal organized a program in a local hotel at G-8 Markaz (Islamabad) in the honor of Mr. Nazir Sabir , the Great, who had climbed to the summit of Mount Everest in May 2000. Besides Mr. Nazir Sabir, Brig[R] Hisam Ullah Baig (then the Vice President of the Shia Ismaili Council for Pakistan), Prof. Dr. Salman Ali and many key personalities had attended this program. So, along with the organizers, Mr. Sultan Mehmood, an employee of the UN-WFP, and others, I myself (then in my MPhil program) was a minor part of this program by designing/scheduling the program in the house of Mr. Sultan Mehmood in G-9/1 (Walji’s House), and represented the students issues before them. Inayat Ali of Shimshal was one of the compares [the video tape could be available with the organizers]. However, if I’m wrong, I could be corrected.

    However, I would request and advise out students to be patient and optimistic about GECA’s struggles and primary focus on the students’ affairs irrespective of any ethno-linguistic considerations; and then, of course, to serve the whole cultural communities of the region, not focused only on the Wakhi, but rather also the Burusho and Domaki. The mission and intention would be fulfilled only, if in the byelaws of GECA, if both Domaki and Burshaski language communities are included and given adequate space, which is missing therein . I had already shown these concerns of mine rather emphasized in a meeting of GECA probably in the first week of February this year [2009], when Chairman Ejaz and Farman Ali had kindly invited me, too, in this meeting, because of my facilitative and coordinative role in communicating (through email and telephonically) and introducing the GECA to and informally inviting the respective scholars from Xinjiang (China), Tajikistan (Gorno-Badakshshan and Dushambe), Afghanistan, Russia (Moscow), Germany (Mainz) and USA (California).

    I would earnestly request and advise our nice, talented and positively brave students of the region to strengthen GECA: this is your own organization rather than opting for and devising other fora. If I’m not confused or wrong as I saw somewhere with my meager sight that Gojal Students Organization or so has been formed. It is your democratic right to opt for such forum; but make sure that we need to unify ourselves—our students and communities, for the positive causes of the region whether it be at the scale of Gojal or entire Hunza or the Northern Areas. Parallel organizations in a region enjoy only if there is a dense population. Then there might come a positive competition and collaboration, too. But it may not suit us with this perspective that our population in Gojal is lesser than 20,000; Hunza and Shianki probably oscillates between 30,000-35,0000. Thus, forming new organizations is not a hard job, but running and sustain them with a vision, set-targets, honesty, dedication and inclusiveness is a big challenge and an expensive transaction at the expense of communal unity and cause. This holds true for any parallel organizations with such initiatives.

    We ought to understand that GECA, as the name also suggests or reflects, could rather should be a unique organization which is already based on a regional entity in a contrast to any specific ethnic or lingual identity; and it was necessary to be formed in this manner. Thanks to the founders, including the students, for such great step. GECA would be unique if it embraces a multiple and integrated approaches unlike a singular and segregated approach. It can dive and prove itself in a real pluralism. The features of the region illustrates as having three linguistic groups of Gojal (Wakhi, Burushaski and Domaki), three religious communities (predominant Shia Ismaaili along wih a very small number of the Sunni and Shia Ithan’artheri brethren); more than 25 ethnic groups; more than 30 sub-ethnic groups; more than 25 villages; 4 valleys and four Local Support Organizations (LSOs); two key externally imposed political ideologies (the so-called Pakistan Muslim League and Pakistan Peoples Party), apart from a sizeable number of poltiicallly neutral group; and diversity of views and worldviews at different levels, which could be a great strength and asset, of course, if perceived positively.

    When I analyze organizations based on sectarianism or ethno-lingual entities such as Burusho Birkish, the Wakhi Tajik Cultural Association (WTCA), Hunza Cultural Forum, or societies of Shina and Khowar languages, their scope dims and are not that much spacious, rather they are fixed to their limited sectarian, ethnic or linguistic mandates and communities. What I envision about GECA is, “An organization of a regional mandate, that is in the longer run, not limited to the present scope or mandate of education, culture and social welfare, but rather includes other sectors of development, transforms itself into a strong civil society organization (CSO), which starts generating employment and engaged with holistically sustainable development, and which is not then confined to Gojal region or in the Hunza valley, rather amends its name and rampages along with its set values and vision to the whole so-called Northern Areas or Gilgit-Baltistan having its presence and roots in the valleys of the giant mountain ranges of Karakoram, Himalaya, Hindukush and the Pamirs (the Kuhimir-an acronym and abbreviation of Karakoram, Himalaya, Hindukush and Pamir) and becomes a greater regional CSO.

    I went through/scanned the website of GECA, especially the “Home Page” as GECAs face. Hidayat has his generous effort, which is appreciated: well done. But being a student of social/cultural anthropology, research and literature, more particularly having my limited specialization on the Wakhi community (in social/cultural and linguistic perspectives), I would like to suggest/advise GECA to review and improve the offered text-materials conceptually, analytically and linguistically. The information provided are somewhere exaggerated and somewhere we encounter disinformation. Toponyms of Gojal needs to be corrected, both existence-wise and spelling-wise; and those villages, which are missing need to be included. When we name a village, we need to distinguish between the settlement and non-settlement. In addition, the oral history of Gojal, especially ethnological information, is polemic.

    The statistical figure about the Wakhi communities as a whole is very exaggerated. The locales are not clearly mentioned because of lack of knowledge to the GECA, confusion or otherwise. I must mention that the population of the Wakhi Pamiri people is not over 200,000 (two hundred thousand), but rather lesser than one hundred thousand ( 14,500) and Tajikistan (max.19,000); Modern Turkey [(40) forty only].

    We need to be sure that showing a great statistical figure of population cannot make the Wakhis Pamiris people valuable, even politically; but rather telling the truth about ourselves is our greatness. Sand, soil and ordinary stones have their own value and could be found everywhere, but the precious stones are not available everywhere.

    I would finally suggest that GECA needs to take advantage out of Zulfiar’s expertise, as he has already offered his voluntary service. I wonder that how both websites, which represent Gojal region, do compensate each other; or could they be coalesced. The information on is relatively improved and attractive; the information provided about the Burusho and Dom ethnic or lingustic groups is seen on this site. We need to understand, I reiterate that if Gojal as a region is our home, then both the missing linguistic groups also our family members. And here we need to show and prove the spirit of a facet of pluralism, as our beloved Imam of the Time directs not only us but rather advises the entire human beings to have this approach at societal level.
    I think, I threshed a lot, so with these remarks, I come to the end. I apologize, if there’s any error.

    Thanks very much.

    Fazal Amin Beg

  12. I would like to congratulate the GECA IT team for the marvelous efforts that they have done. I know that these people were working for long time on this web site and now finally they have succeeded to launch it.
    I believe the web site will play a vital role to communicate GECA’s right vision to the community people especially, those living out side Islamabad and abroad.

    I have struggled for the formation of GECA for last three year and the most challenging thing I found is to communicate the right information at right time to the masses and to keep things balance in every aspect. People will expect a lot from you (office bearer) and I think the best way to live up to these expectation is to involve more and more people in the decision making, as people want to contribute in any way. I can understand that to do this is not a piece of cake. For that you have to really work out your plane that how you can take the best out your potential people in our community. It is easy to convince senior and mature people but it is extremely tough and challenging to give right direction to the youth by using there energy and enthusiasm. And without the involvement of the youth you can’t achieve you objectives.

    GECA was not formed in a hap hazard way, we struggle for two year to prove our point to our senior, the basic idea of GECA;s formulation was to provide such platform in the Capital, which will work as bridge between the youth and our seniors and will not only exploit the different opportunities arises in the capital but also work for the better education, cope with social issues and to promote our cultural among the youth and people living in urban areas.

    To form an organization is not a big success nor this is a new thing for us, in the past there were may organizations we form at different level but they could not maintain there existence due to various reasons. I believe that the major reason behind their down fall was that they were not balanced. They were run by only youth or were personality based, and nor youth nor personality can be retain for longer period. Keeping these experiences in view, for the sustainability of GECA for longer period, we(Youth) presented the idea of such plat form which will be run by the experience, Knowledge, Skills, Direction, and linkages of our professional and will be supported by the passion, enthusiasm, time and energy of youth.

    In short I would say that GECA was initiated by the youth and formulated by our seniors. Some of the youth are of the view that GECA was form by the youth and now Hijacked by the seniors, I would like to clear this ambiguity created in some of the youth’s mind that they are looking at the half picture. GECA was created by both youth and senior. And both have equal participation in the activates of GECA.

    As now GECA is registered with government and most of our senior in Islamabad are part of GECA, People have pined high expectation and hope with GECA. I can feel that People have started to take interest in GECA and are talking about its vision and working scope and are also giving some very useful suggestion in the light of their experience and knowledge. And I strongly believe that these suggestion and healthy criticism will make this newly formed organization a strong organization. And will help the office bearer to achieve the objective of GECA. To take this criticism and suggestion this web side will help a great deal to communicate with the masses.

  13. Dear Amin!

    How the establishment of GECA started is a bit different as ur goodself narrated above. The first programme arranged by some professionals in co ordination with the Youth and students of the twin city. The actual story can be better describe by Manager Micro Finance SOOST.

    After through thick and thin lines and on the third proposed Eid Melan programme-the actual idea came on surface. I do remember in the tenth meeting of the same people the final idea of forming a legal institute was finalised by some seniors and youth of Gojal. The eleventh meeting of present GECA was the final to provide the base and this meeting held in office of Mr. Farman Ali Office and all the remaining meetings held in Commander Ejaz Resident.

    I have the the complete meeting dates and list of particepants.
    thanks to all and we do hope such concrete steps to form organizations on long and short term goals.

    My special thanks to all whom devoted their time, knowledge and resources in establishing GECA.

    Two points to discuss:

    First point:
    I request u all what will be the working relation of WATCA and GECA. I request to the team of GECA to Work on the above subject and for inputs upload it through GECA, Pamir Time and if possible HUNZA Time as well.

    Second point:
    PT is now a grown up tree and in my openion in some occasions & places that need triming to further improve its presentation and realising of the the present situations what to do and what not?????? what to write and what not????what to upload and what to not????

    an Editorial Board is now requirement of the time. In this Board one member from each village be appointed looking his eduaction background, IT familiarity, knowhow about the norms,cultural, social, political and some other critical aspects of the individuals. I request to all the learned personalities of GOJAL to give his/her inputs and request to IT team of GECA & WATCA to work and finalise with in the comming year of 2009.

  14. Thanks Mr. Baig Ali for correcting me. I wish and appreiciate if you could kindly come up with specific timeframe (year and and month at least).

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