Population boom and environmental crisis nexus

Boom in populations’ needs causes utilization of natural resources, as well as technological advancement, at increased rate. Over utilization of resources causes environmental imbalance, due to excessive usage of technology, which in turn makes naturally present environment polluted, and resources depleted. Environmental   hazards are also outcomes of unplanned, unregulated and spontaneous development which is linked with increased demands of growing population’s necessities.

Awais Ali Khan
Awais Ali Khan

Exponential population growth in Pakistan is linked with green house gas emission. It poses a threat to economic stability and long-term environmental sustainability. Concentration of green house gases is an outcome of daily human activities. It strengthens air pollution and signifies a direct threat to health. Its need of time to look for emitting sources, and timely strategic efforts. There needs to be prioritization, for clean and green environment, with enhancement of plantation schemes. Annual vehicle inspection should be controlled and usage of environmentally friendly energy sources should be encouraged. Forest management should be properly done. Coal and fluorinated gas utilization should be put to limits. There should be strict monitoring, of environmental checklist, of new infant industries. Joint ventures should be ensured for imposition of legal mechanisms, for environmental protection.

Pakistan’s population has been increasing at a rapid rate, and it demands for increased technological and natural resource utilization. Mismanagement and lack of planning in this regard, acts as menace to future’s sustainability. Increased demand of human activities and enhanced technological development, is although necessary to cater contemporary needs, but it should be executed with proactive planning, efficient management and extensive monitoring.

Awais Ali Khan is an undergraduate student in Department of City and regional Planning, at University of Engineering and technology, Lahore. He can be reached at: awais890@yahoo.com

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