None out of 116 applicants from Gilgit-Baltistan qualify for the PM Youth Loan scheme

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Gilgit, March 11: The Prime Minister Youth Loan scheme will not benefit anyone in Gilgit-Baltistan. The first balloting was conducted last week in which 5944 out of the 35,959 applications were approved, as reported by The News. No one, reportedly, out of the 116 applicants from Gilgit-Baltistan is in the list of approved candidates.

1393530740-7033It is pertinent to note that a large segment of the population in Gilgit-Baltistan comprises of educated, yet unemployed, youth who are suffering due to lack of industries and other opportunities in the region.

Many people had pinned their hopes on the promises of fair play made by the Prime Minister and his daughter, Marryam Nawaz, who is heading the youth loan scheme. That the applications of all 116 applicants got rejected has come as a surprise for many.


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