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GB Info Minister denies threatening taxi driver, says her vehicle almost had an accident

Gilgit, April 7: A vehicle carrying Gilgit-Baltistan Information Minister Sadia Danish’s, reportedly, almost had an accident while coming back from Jaglote yesterday. The reported reason behind the narrow escape was the negligence of a taxi driver. 

Norwegian-road-sign-153A source speaking on behalf of the Information Minister said that despite of the “grave” and “life threatening” mistake of the taxi driver he was let to go on the instructions of Sadia Danish. The source also said that the minister stopped the guards who had a scuffle with the driver.

Sadia Danish has said that no one had threatened the driver. “It was a serious mistake on his part but still he was allowed to leave as she believed that it was a mistake, although grave”, the minister reportedly said.

Sadia Danish has urged not to politicize the issue as it was a mere mistake, said the source. 

It is pertinent to note that Islamuddin, a resident of Nomal, who drives a taxi had yesterday approached the media and complained that he had been beaten and threatened with death by the gunmen of Gilgit-Baltistan Information Minister Sadia Danish. He had also said that the guards had pointed guns at him after thrashing him. He had said that he didn’t know the GB Minister’s vehicle was coming from behind. He had also said that the he had been beaten up from, unknowingly, not giving space for the minister’s motorcade.

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