Ancient “Cremation Urn” found in Ganish, Hunza Valley

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Gilgit, April 10: A giant mud vase has been found in the Ganish Village of Hunza Valley, very close to the Karakuram Highway. The vase accidentally emerged while the area was being dug to construct a protection wall along the KKH.

Hunza Online, a vibrant local community news/views channel, has prepared a video report in Burushaski language about the “Cremation Urn”.

In the video, Ejazullah Baig, who is curator of the seven centuries old Baltit Fort, says that he has seen at least two more similar vases in the past, in Karimabad and Oshkandas (Gilgit).

Ejaz, speaking in Burushaski language, opines that the huge vase may have been used to bury the ashes of the dead in the ancient past. This claim is based on the fact that traces of ash are still reportedly present inside the huge mud vase.

He also says that in the ancient past the people used to bury their dead along with their valuable belongings. He also says that mud pots were generally not manufactured in the Hunza-Nagar Valley implying that either they were imported to the region or people from outside the region had reached the valley where they manufactured the mud pots.

The exact age of the Uran can be found out after scientific tests which are not available in the Hunza Valley.

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  1. Hidden assets of great Hunza & GB. Nice report but how and who recovered this antique ?

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