Awami Action Committee reaches agreement with govt, details tomorrow by PM

Islamabad: The Awami Action Committee and the government committee have held a successful dialogue in the federal capital today. There are reports that the Prime Minister will announce details of the agreement reached tomorrow in the capital.

According to some sources, the price  of wheat will be fixed at 10 rupees er kilogram for a period of five years. Others have reported the figure to to be 11 rupees.

1921986_625951364155548_5511958590855541888_nNo details have been given about the 8 other points that were part of the Awami Action Committee’s Charter of Demand.

The Awami Action Committee had mobilized around a hundreds thousand people in all parts of the Gilgit-Baltistan region, having a population not more than 2 million. The pressure built by the sit-ins at Skardu and Gilgit forced the provincial and federal government to resolve the issue. Negotiations failed on several occasions but finally there are reports that an agreement has been reached.

Meanwhile, the sit-in at Gilgit and Skardu continued on the 11th day.

The historical Dharna is unique in a sense that they remained cent percent peaceful and there were no acts of violence reported from any part of the region.

On a couple of occasions some government personalities were not allowed to speak which created some tense situation and there were also reports about attacks on personalities. However, no reports of physical violence were reported from any part of the region.

The Awami Action Committee has said that they will not end the Dharna until notification of acceptance of the demands is issued.

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