Road leveler worth millions sitting idle for 13 years in Booni, Chitral

By Gul Hamaad Farooqi
Chitral, May 8: For the last 13 years, the locals say, a huge road leveler machine has been gathering dust sitting idle in front of the Booni Police Station in Upper Chitral. Legally a property of the district council, the the road leveler can also be used for removing snow from the roads during the winters.
Another similar machine has been rotting at the finance office Chitral for several years. Also, 4 bulldozers worth millions of rupees are gathering dust in different parts of Chitral, including Danin, Kalkatak Drosh, Mastuj and Koghuzi.
The road leveler that has been sitting idle for more than a decade
The road leveler that has been sitting idle for more than a decade

Prominent social and political figure of Booni Shah Wazir Lal said that people of this sub division are strange because they have failed to ask the public representatives and administration to repair the machines and use them for improving the condition of the roads.

SONY DSCSHO police station Booni told this scribe that the machine poses a threat to the police station because any time it can be used for terrorism purpose. He feared that a miscreants can hide behind this machine for attacking the police station.
Meraj Hussain of Booni said that it is very precious machine standing here for the last 13 years. He said that government should try to repair it to use the machinery for road maintenance or to sell out them and purchase new machines for this purpose.

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