Skardu Hajj Scam: Chief Minister wants transparent investigation

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Skardu, May 25: Taking notice of media reports, the Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan Syed Mehdi Shah has instructed the Commissioner of Baltistan division to launch a transparent and comprehensive investigation into the emerging issue of a Haj Scam in Skardu.

According to reports, a fake Haj Karavan operator has swindled 72 people who wanted to visit Makkah Mukarima for performing Haj, taking 2 lac 88 thousand rupees from each of them.  All of the 72 people were not selected among the others who are scheduled to travel to Saudi Arabia.

The operator of the fake Haj Karavan has, since then, reportedly closed down his shop and vanished from the region.

The Chief Minister, in a statement, has said that the government will ensure measures to ge the swindled money back and punish the culprits. He has also instructed the Commissioner to submit the investigation report soon.

The leade of the fake, unregistered Karavan has been identifed as Sheikh Ayub who had been active in Skardu and the surrouding areas for more than two months, ma

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  1. It is too late CM sab if such types of investigations would have been made from day one of self governance package this piece of heaven GB would made record progress but unluckily middleman in each department were encouraged by political leadership and that is why all institutions have become dysfunctional and If Sr. management takes strict action against such individuals then they are transferred or forced to change the decisions. Daily I am reading about suspensions of officials and same on next day news is about their reinstatement. If u would have placed a system of investigation and monitoring in GB the bridge of our native village never collapse before its completion. Very sad and alarming situation for GBIANS.

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