“Hunza is deliberately being ignored in the Gilgit-Baltistan regional setup”

Islamabad: Hunza has not been given any representation in the care-taker government of Gilgit-Baltistan. Successive governments have failed to increase the region’s representation in the elected bodies of Gilgit-Baltistan. No administrative reforms have been introduced to ensure development of Hunza.
These views have been expressed by a group of social and political leaders hailing from different parts of the Hunza Valley during a meeting and press conference here in the federal capital. 
The leaders of Hunza have also said that Hunza is being ignored and deliberately kept out of the region’s governance structure despite of the former princely state’s strategic, economic, tourism and defense importance.
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The press conference cum meeting was attended among others by Raja Shahbaz Khan, Hoor Shah, Izhar Hunzai, Naiknam Karim, Amjad Ayub, Haider Tai, Naseer and Gari Khan.
They have also said that if Hunza is not given its due shares in the regional legislative bodies, then the people will be forced to come on the streets and protest for their rights in a democratic and civilized manner.
Participants of the meeting have also said that Hunza is known globally as a hub of peace, tranquility, love and harmony, and that these qualities make the valley a place of attraction for tourists. The youth, women and men of Hunza have always held the flag of Pakistan high and have brought laurals for the nation, they said.
The leaders have called on the Prime Minister of Pakistan to take notice of the situation and ensure adequate and effective representation of Hunza in the regional setup.
“The people of Hunza are fully aware of their rights and the efforts of some quarters to keep the region out of the decision making bodies, but we will fail their designs,” said participants of the meeting.

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  1. It is the weakness of people of Hunza they are ignored, in next election they should to select a such person who can solve their problems not like “Wazir Baig” a dead politician….
    Care taker setup is only for PML(N) not fair election………….

  2. Globalization and diversification are terms used to reduce the distances among st nations and countries. Gb is also like a garden where various flowers enhances the elegance and dignity of garden. It would be ideal and exemplary initiation of PMLN as well as for care taker CM if they set any criteria and follow it keeping in view the formula of equity and equality across the GB. Both principles of justice have been turn down wherever the decision has been made. Though all selected members are honourable for us but to select 3 members from one district and ignoring another one seems irrational and illogical as well. At every forum the people of Hunza have raised their voice for development and peace of whole GB and honour always good governance rules. Leader may be for all people regardless of region ,cast. colour and ethnic. In former govt in GB we had witnessed that all institutions and professionals were made dysfunctional by influencing political figures and ignoring good governance rules ( not deserve to call leaders) and all systems were made deteriorated that we do not want to notice such irregularities any more. It is hoped the new cabinet and CM would try their level best to compensate the previous deficiencies and lead the GB as model zone representing all areas.

  3. “The leaders of Hunza have also said that” , Pamirtimes seriously , The leaders of Hunza !!!
    Who made them ? It rather should be the so called leaders of Hunza. Because we all know this is political campaigning.

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