Wrecked condition of Health and Education in Gilgit-Baltistan


The hiring of fake degree holders and appointments through bribe are legal in the eyes of our shyster politicians but talent and ability is discouraged, vitiating the education policy in Gilgit- Baltistan.

This shameful act is pushing young generation towards disappointment. In this context recently Ghizer youth organization launched a movement against appointments of teachers  after taking bribes. These teachers were restored to their positions on the orders of CM Mehdi Shah, after remaining suspended for a couple of weeks and after being fired after the allegations of illegal hiring were proven.

The youth of Ghizar protested throughout the day, when their voices and chanting slogans could not awaken the egos of so called leaders, they set their degrees on fire. It proves that our nation does not need ability and talent and, instead, we need   degree in any form either fake or genuine. We need appointments to fill the gaps either through bribe or through political line.

asadThese types of examples have no scarcity in our surrounding; the live example was the sit-in in front CM House by SAP school teachers .

The SAP school faculty has been serving the nation for more than nineteen years. They were given mere four to five thousand rupees per month despite of Prime Minister’s announcement to pay five thousand to grade one employees.

Neglecting their long term services, the government has instead of fulfilling the commitments made with them to give them permanent status, the government tried to use strong-arm tactics to quell the dissent. If not for the support given by the civil society, the government may not have restrained from arresting the teachers.

On other hand the contract based health workers who are serving the health sector since 25 years are also in protest, they are not given permanent status after all the fund released by world health organization. It is no denying that the progress of any country depends on good health and education but we are ourselves destroying both sectors, likewise we are pushing the future of our children into darkness. Before the situation could go worst, the genuine demand of teachers and health workers should be overcome to stop the injury of education and health system for better sake of our nation.

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  1. All gbians condemn the corrupt elements and corrupt actions and praise and respect honest and committed officials and leaders. If investigation teams are also compromising with any affiliation or influence it means they are equally involve in corruption as they hide the reality and stood by with corrupt elements.Minister Berjis tahir and chief secretary sab is requested to play role in eliminating corruption and streamlining the systems as well.

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