Chitral: Picturesque Shekhandeh Valley waits for basic amenities

By: Gul Hamaad Farooqi

Chitral, July 15: Shekhandeh valley is situated at the border of Chitral, adjacent to Nooristan province of Afghanistan. It is the last village of the Bamborat Valley.

In this modern age of information technology the valley is still deprived of all basic facilities of life. The people of Shekhandeh were called red non-Kafir in past but in 1875 they converted into Islam and now the whole population is 100% Muslims but donors agencies are only working in Kalash and ignoring this heavenly valley.

The valley is full of green forests, cold and white water stream, lush green mountains and scenic views. A local, Umar Qursihi, told this scribe that the people are unable to benefit from the fresh water running in a stream through the village. He said that the govt can construct power house on the stream and provide the valley with electricity.
Another social worker told this scribe, “we are living on border area and we play a role in security of the country but unfortunately we are being deprived of basic facilities by the government”. He further added that there is no school, no college. no hospital, no veterinary clinic in this valley. He told the children of this valley study till class 5th then go to a middle school, 9 kilometers away in Bamborit.

A student of class 9th told this scribe that he daily travel 9 KM but while to return home it is tough to travel. Here is also a Trout Fish Farm (hatchery) but government did not give any concentration to that while this valley water is very suitable for trout fish farming and if the government concentrate of this sector it can be very fruitful for the economy of the country and for the local public.

The people of the valley also complained that this valley was full of forests but due to huge trees cutting now the flood is making problems for the people and also eliminating the beauty of the valley. There is no safety wall on the stream and in flood it cause problems and losses. People depend upon of farming and cattle farming but there are no veterinary center in the scenic valley.

Residents of Shekhandeh valley demand of the provincial and federal government to take notice of the depriving of this valley and repair the roads immediately. They demanded to develop this valley for tourism to attract the local and global tourists which will help in the betterment of the economic condition of the locals and the country.

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