Chitral: LSO Youth Convention 2014 concluded

Chitral, September 8: The AKRSP, CCDN organized LSO Youth Convention-2014 concluded in Chitral today. Assistant Commissioner Chitral, Mr. Ikram ul Haq was the chief guest at the event. In the first session district government line departments, AKDN institutions and other NGOs shared their youth related services and activities with the delegates. During the second session Chairman CCDN shared the declaration that was signed between the KPK provincial government and CCDN representatives regarding LSOs role and development of Chitral. After that he opened the fora for suggestions on how better can the public private partnership be established and sustained to deal with youth development needs and other development activities in the area. Based on the suggestions and recommendations of the delegates a it was decided to form a committee which will streamline the development activities in the district. It was decided that AC Chitral will chair the committee while all major development stakeholders and youth representatives will be included as members. Furthermore in order to ensure participation of women it was also decided that 30% of the members should be women.

This event brought together more than 200 delegates from LSOs, District Govt. line departments, NGOs, Youth Organizaitons, Enterprises and other service providers. The delegates shared their experiences and suggested way-forward for the strengthening the public private partnership.     

At the end certificates of appreciation were distributed among the LSOs, service providers and enterprises for their participation in showcasing their activities. The event concluded with the Chief Guest’s speech and vote of thanks from Ms. Razia Sultana, Manager GAD AKRSP Chitral.

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