NOMUS held a career guidance session for students in Hunza

Gilgit, September 20: Education and Career Planning have an important linkage in studentship for many years in Pakistan, and the irony of it continues as witnessed in the 21st century. Students in developing countries like Pakistan struggle in making connection between personal interests, selection of the right curriculum matching their area of interest and following their chosen career backed by relevant area of formal education.  Lack of this connection leads to many problems in later stages when students get confused how to select the right subjects, which institutes will benefit them, how they will manage their financials and make the right choice for themselves.

Students of Gojal attending career guide session at Shadow Hostel Hall in Hunza

Traditional ways of career choice involved two major factors; financial security & market reputation. But due to globalization, youth is well aware of the opportunities and changes occurring around them. They are motivated to make impact through their career choice. The opportunities when not understood well at the earlier stages of school and college life become a real threat as numerous occupational fields are evolving each day. To make the right choice for career is in-fact a challenging step in student life in current era.


Keeping in view this very challenge, NOMUS – for Education and Health, conducted a career guidance session at Hunza Shadow Hostel on Sunday September 9, 2014.

The objectives of the session were:

  1. Building understanding of Career and Career Planning

  2. Identifying participants areas of interest and connect them with their career path

  3. Identifying institutions for their relevant fields

  4. Building understanding of financial planning for education

The session participants were students from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Hunza, SEDNA School and college Hunza, Hasegawa School and college, Degree College Karimabad, Hunza Public School and Sky Higher Secondary School. More than 130 students participated in the session. The students belonged to Gojal studying at these institutions. The session focused on students from class 9, 10 and college students who were in the decisive part of their career.

The four hours session was an interactive session with students. Participants were provided with presentation, assessment of interest, discussions and details related to the session objectives.

At the end, students provided feedback of the session. They appreciated the efforts of NOMUS for bringing in a platform for them to help them in making right decisions for themselves.

The concluding notes were presented by Mr. Ghulam Shah – NOMUS representative for GB Pakistan. He urged students to continue their education with dedication and hard work to achieve their ultimate goals. He assured them that such sessions will be held by NOMUS every year.

NOMUS is a Switzerland based Organization working in the field of Education and Health in Gojal Region since 2010.

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