Passu: Japanese female tourist falls off a cliff, rescue efforts underway

Photo: Iftikhar Ali
A view of Putundas mountain from Yunz, Passu, Gojal. Photo: Iftikhar Ali
With reporting by Jaffar Ullah Khan 
Passu, September 19: A female Japanese tourist has, reportedly, fallen off a cliff in the Putundas Valley, located on the left side of the Batura Glacier, in Gojal Valley, Upper Hunza. 
According to details, the Japanese tourist was coming back from a trek of the Putundas pasture. She, reportedly, lost balance while walking on a narrow cliff and fell off. Her male co-trekker, also a Japanese national, unable to help her, rushed to Passu village and informed the local people. 
A Rescue Team comprising local youth is reportedly moving towards the area to help the fallen trekker. The rescue efforts were affected due darkness, as night fell in the valley.
Name and other details of the victim could not be ascertained. 

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