AKU-EB announces September examination results

Karachi, October 16, 2014: The Aga Khan University Examination Board announced the results of its September examinations for Secondary and Higher Secondary School Certificates today. The results, which were released only after three weeks of the exams are a testament to AKU-EB’s advanced, custom designed e-Marking system with 92 marking stations, which specifically helps its HSSC candidates to meet most university application deadlines.

This year, the September examination session was held in eight cities across Pakistan testing candidates from 74 affiliated schools.

“We offer a number of additional subjects over and above the compulsory and elective subjects at the SSC and HSSC level. This is to ensure that our candidates can not only earn an academic edge but also follow their natural and vocational inclinations and make better career choices as they move forward in their studies,” said Karima Kara, Director of Operations, AKU-EB.

“Many students take advantage of the September examination session to sit for extra subjects,” she said.

While discussing the diversity of subjects offered, Ms Kara mentioned that AKU-EB candidates enjoy 20 elective subject choices in SSC and 39 subject choices in HSSC in different groups such as Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, Commerce, and Science General.

“Additional subjects such as Literature in English, Business Studies, Additional Mathematics, Environmental Studies and Principles of Accounting provide an excellent foundation for further studies,” she added.

In AKU-EB’s September examination session, both SSC (Part-I and II) and HSSC (Part-I and II) candidates can take exams in as many subjects as they like. They may sit for additional subjects, for subjects they might have missed due to personal reasons in the May examination session, or even to improve their grades in specific subjects or overall.

The September examination results are now available online at AKU-EB’s website:

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