This is not Gilgit Baltistan !

By Ahtisham Mir 

As Muslims we all start reading Quran from our childhood, we almost finish reading whole Quran twice or thrice before we are 15 years old.


The question is, What was the purpose of reading Quran?

Was Quran sent only to read ?


It was sent to understand, learn and apply the rules, regulations and to learn lessons for life from the Stories of Prophets?

The city of Sodom which was famous for sodomy (men having sex with men), and the residents of this city  robbed and killed travelers too. It was at the height of these crimes and sins that Allah revealed to Prophet Lut (PBUH) that he should summon the people to give up their indecent behavior, but they were so deeply sunk in their immoral habits that they were deaf to Lut’s (A.S) preaching. Swamped in their unnatural desires, they refused to listen, even when Lut warned them of Allah’s punishment. Instead, they threatened to drive him out of the city if he kept on preaching. Allah turned the cities upside down, and rained down on them stones hard as baked clay putting an end to the lives of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah once and for all.

When I heard about the child Hassnain being kidnapped, raped and killed I was mortified. While at a time when the educated youth are trying to change the image of Gilgit Baltistan and the views about GB in Pakistan and all over the world , such kind of inhumane and insane acts by some sick people ruin the efforts.

Why today we the Muslims after knowing all the punishments and ashamedness doing such acts?

There are still many child’s who are forced not to open their mouth after harassing and rape. Child rights must be ensured in the city and a Punishment must be safeguarded by the authorities which will be able to stop such brutal and insane acts in the society.

Justice to Hassnain is very essential to keep our society safe and whoever creates hurdles in justice must also be punished.

Sympathies are with Hassnain’s Family and may his soul rest in eternal peace.

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