Police identifies Shoaib as the central figure in Hasnain abuse and murder case

Gilgit: The lad name Shoaib has been identified as the central figure in murder of Hasnain, the eight years old child who was sexually abused and killed by stabbing last week.

According to startling new revelations, Shoaib has been found involved in more cases of child sex abuse. His accomplices, Usama and Ibrar, have reportedly also confirmed that Shoaib was involved in sexual abuse of young boys. He chose his victims at school and in his Muhallah, and use his victims, allegedly, to lure more young kids.

According to one source, Shoaib was also allegedly expelled from a school on the charges of sex offence. However, he was, reportedly, readmitted to that school after pressure from certain powerful circles. Pamir Times is trying to find out the exact facts in this alleged expulsion case.

Police investigators have reportedly found that Usama and Ibrar may not have directly been involved in the murder of Hasnain, i.e. reportedly did not stab or hit him. The two young kids were, allegedly, used by Shoaib to lure Hasnain to the crime scene, where he was sexually abused and later killed by Shoaib.

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