Yasin Mahraka honors N. Peace award winner, Shah Zaman

Islamabad: (PR) Yasin Mahraka, a right based social organization of Yasin youth organized a function in the honor of UN Peace awardee holder Mr. Shah Zaman in a local hotel at Islamabad to recognize and appreciate the efforts of extra-ordinary achievement of one of their senior member. The function was attended by YM cabinet members, advisory board and senior professionals from Yasin.

“This is the movement of pride for not only the youth but also the people of Yasin valley whose son won the UN peace award in a ceremony held in Bangkok Thailand” said Sher Wali Chairman Yasin Mahraka while speaking to the function. He said that the young generation of Yasin has many potentialities through which they are nowadays representing the whole Gilgit-Baltistan at national and international level. Discussing the overall activities of the Yasin Mahraka the Chairman said that they the major focus is being given to career guidance and preparation of  students for entry tests of leading academic and professional institutions so that maximum students from Yasin valley could excel in their academic career.  He said the YM strongly encourages and supports to the high achievers through conducting functions and programs for their honor as they did so for Mr. Shah Zaman today.

Ayeen shah, a renowned educationist from Yasin valley said that the wining of this award has led Mr. Shah Zaman towards a successful future and he would be the role model for the whole youth of Yasin. He recognized and highly appreciated the efforts of Yasin Mahraka and hoped that this platform will lead the youth of Yasin towards right direction.

The function was also addressed by Ismail Jan, HR Manager Hashoo Foundation, Muhammad Abir, and Manager ITREB, RIPMA region, Ali Ghulam, Rashid Aman, Karim Shah Nizari, Imtiaz Hussain, Sher bahadur and other YM members. YM advisory board member Naveed Hussain welcomed while Javed Azam, GS Yasin Mahraka thanked all the participants on behalf of the organization.

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