Dilemma of the Jobless

Farman Ali

It is becoming hard for newly graduated students to get a worthy job that fulfills their requirements in this era of economic downturn. Most of the times we come to hear from many professionals that there are no jobs in the market. But, in my case it is a bit different.

Being an HR professional, what I believe is that there are jobs for those who know where to search, how to search and how to apply.

It is a very common dilemma among the young graduates of GB that when somebody refers them for a job they usually ask disappointing questions like

  • What is the salary??
  • What is the Job Location?
  • What is status of Job?? Is it permanent or temporary?

Simply by listening these questions nobody will hire you or even they may not bother to talk you. If you are a fresh graduate and you have no any sort of experience then why are you asking such questions?

Instead of doing that, it’s better to pay thanks to the guy who refers you for a job and make yourself ready for the recruitment processes.

Now, what I suggest to these young guns of Gilgit-Baltistan is that there are bulk of jobs in the market so don’t be disappointed. But, attaining a job totally depends on the graduate himself and most of renowned organizations are always looking for those who have passion to work and they usually induct new hires.

Some of suggestion for getting better job are as under.

  • Don’t probe about salary before. Be ready to kick off your career.
  • Look for jobs advertisements on daily basis.(Dawn ,Jang ,Jobspk)
  • Remember that YOUR RESUME IS YOU so make it professional, try to avoid lies and always tailor your resume with the demands of employer. There must be a best fit between job description and job specification.
  • Make better use of Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. Rather to go for chat it’s better to follow the good employers.
  • Work on your communication skills because nowadays employers are looking for smart workers rather than a hard worker.
  • When you come to know about any job, prepare a good covering letter.
  • Make a decent email ID. Mostly, we GBIANS make our email addresses like, etc. This might work for GBians, because patriotism is inbound in our blood, but most HR Specialists would reject these candidates and here your patriotism never works for you. So be simple while signing up for any email like
  • If you are applying for any service oriented industry then don’t forget to paste a decent passport size picture on your resume and avoid to paste Facebook pics.
  • Make the habit of visiting job portals like, and for gulf countries its only daily basis.
  • It is necessary to know yourself before applying. Note down your strong and weak points and convert weak points into strong ones and make yourself ready to grab the opportunity.

Lower Your Expectations

One of the mistakes that the fresh graduates make is that they hope to get the dream job right away. These unrealistic expectations make it harder for the candidate to get the job. Asking for a pay scale that is not in accordance with you skills is also a common mistake. As a fresh graduate, you need to lower your expectations and be ready to work for less pay as all you need from the first job is the valuable experience. Once you get the experience, you will be able to ask for the pay scale according to your expectations and the employer will be more willing to accept.

By working on all the above mentioned remedies I must say that new entrants will definitely get a job in due course of time. Another important issue which is very common in GBIANS is that we thinks that graduates of LUMS, NUST, and AKU will get a good job and I think by saying this everybody is pressing his or her skills. Being an HR Specialist I think that if anyone has a guts to perform he can outclass anybody whether he is a graduate of well-known university or any foreign degree holder, don’t underestimate your skills and always compel an employer with your skills to make you hire instead of hiring your competitor. Try to sell your skills. Dear GBIANS focus on the right path make yourself more customized with the changing world and a day will come when a good employer will hire you. Good Luck

The contributor works in the HR department of an International NGO. He belongs to the Hunza Valley. 

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  1. well.,farman you have interestingly through light upon the current unemployment scenario of the region.

  2. Being an HR Executive, I would suggest job seekers to send create a cover letter as well and send it with your resume whether its required or not.

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