“Hunza Cycling Adventure” being planned for 2015 summers

Lahore: (PR) ‘Hunza Cycling Adventure’ is an event planned for the summers of 2015. The day of the opening of ‘Pak-China Friendship Tunnel’, under construction near the Attabad spillway, will be celebrated by a group of hundreds of cyclists, who will ride from Gilgit City to Khunjerav Pass (China Border), said a press statement.

Initiated by Niaz Gojali and Muzamil Khalil, the Hunza Cycling Adventure is proposed to be a healthy and environment friendly activity.

The organizers have invited cyclists from across the country to join the activity.

For further information contact: Niaz Gojali: 0342-2984898, Muzamil Khalili Comrade: 0341-5184132, Humayun Zaki (Event Coordinator): 0344-5383804

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